Katombi: Syombua Osiany stopped my collabo with Kasolo

Benga artist Alex Kasau alia Katombi has revealed how former Radio Citizen presenter Syombua Osiany stopped a collabo between him and Stephen Kasolo.

In an interview, Katombi narrated how he had recorded a song in his studio and wanted to feature Kasolo in it only for him to be advised by Syombua Mwele not to collaborate with Katombi.

“I had a studio in Mlolongo and one day I called him so that we could work on a song I had sung in connection with orphans so I called Kasolo and invited him to my studio because I wanted to feature him,” Katombi narrated.

“He came to the studio and I explained to him what I wanted us to do, so I told him to let us sing the song and he was okay with it. So he called one of the radio presenters who had been helping in his journey to stardom. The presenter was Syombua Mwele and she advised Kasolo not to do the song citing that it would bring him down,” he added.

Katombi noted that the response from Syombua Mwele was a straight painful arrow to his heart noting his intentions were purely musical.

“When her reply came, it was a straight heartbreak because I just wanted to do a song with Kasolo because he had the voice and talent and I knew when we joined it would be a hit in the region,” said Katombi.

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