Kathiani MP Message to Kenya Kwanza Leaders Criticizing Youths for Protesting

Kathiani MP Robert Mbui has voiced strong criticism against the Kenya Kwanza MPs, accusing them of underestimating the understanding of Generation Z regarding the Finance Bill.

Speaking to the media in Nairobi, Mbui emphasized that the youth, who are recent university graduates struggling with unemployment, are well aware of the bill’s contents and the adverse impact it has on their future.

Mbui highlighted the government’s failure to create a conducive environment for employment, which he believes is a significant concern for young people entering the job market.

“It’s high time you realize that these young people have just finished university and have no jobs because this administration has not created a conducive environment for employment,” Mbui asserted.

Mbui also addressed misleading claims made by Kenya Kwanza MPs about tax changes. He refuted their statements about the removal of VAT on bread and Motor Vehicle Tax, clarifying that these taxes were never in place.

“The reality is there was no VAT on bread. There was no Motor Vehicle Tax. Those were ideas in their brain,” Mbui stated.

Mbui accused the government of enacting new laws that he described as punitive to Kenyans. He reaffirmed his commitment to opposing these measures and promised continued resistance as the bill moves to the committee of the whole house on Tuesday.

“What they did is that they actually created new laws that are going to be punitive to Kenyans, and we are saying that the fight continues,” he declared.

The MP’s statements reflect growing discontent among opposition leaders and young Kenyans regarding the current administration’s policies and their impact on the economy and job market.

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