Kathiani level 4 hospital on the spot as patient who was neglected by doctors is buried

The body of Richard Muia (real sheriff) after being lowered at the grave at their Kathiani home. (Photo - Courtesy)

23-year-old Richard Ndunda Muia (real sheriff) a week ago went to Kathiani level 4 hospital to seek treatment. When he arrived at the hospital, with Covid-19 like symptoms, the doctors fled after suspecting he had Covid-19 symptoms.

An ambulance was also not available to transfer the deceased for over 6 hours and he finally passed on while being transferred to Machakos level 5. Richard however tested negative for Covid-19 when a test was conducted.

Richard was laid to rest Saturday in an emotional send-off attended by local leaders, hundreds of locals, and Kathiani angels FC where the late also played. Speaker after speaker called on the issue of Kathiani level 4 hospital to be resolved.

Kathiani MP Robert Mbui speaking at Richard’s burial Saturday called on action to be taken ta the hospital that has so far claimed 2 other lives in unclear circumstances.

“A very young man dies because an ambulance is being searched from 1 pm to 9 pm. These people here pay taxes and then when they go to the hospital they are told an ambulance cant be found.” the Kathiani MP said.

“Those working there you have to mind people. If you are a doctor, you work is to treat the sick. Even if they have AIDS, Corona, or Diabetes. If you run away it is not good.”

Residents who spoke to Mauvoo News at the funeral revealed that they are sent to pharmacies outside Kathiani Level 4 Hospital to buy drugs which they should be getting at the hospital.

A source revealed that several medics at the hospital are operating private clinics where they spent time and also refer patients there.

“This young man died because of the negligence of doctors because they and their spouses have started clinics here and when Richard went to the hospital, a spouse to one of the nurses came and said he had corona symptoms and all the doctors ran away.”

“If the doctors fear Coronavirus in public hospitals and they don’t in their private clinics. How is this Virus then?” Our source went on.

Mauvoo News has established that Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist council is on Monday set to visit the facility to ascertain the circumstances surrounding Richard’s death and other issue raised in a letter by Kathiani MP on lack of medicine, none functioning ambulances, and lack of oxygen facilities.

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