Kasolo takes on Nicholas Kioko after interviewing Katombi

Kitole Hitmaker Stephen Kasolo has come out guns blazing at Nicholas Kioko after he recently interviewed Alex Kasau Katombi.

In a YouTube interview, Kasolo called out Nicholas Kioko as unprofessional and claimed Katombi is illiterate.

“First things first the interviewer is an unprofessional journalist who has not done media studies and he was interviewing someone who has not gone to school,” said Kasolo.

“Kioko has never been to a media school, he does not even know what to ask in an interview, that interview was a letdown,” he added.

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He went ahead to say that the interview that Kioko did was for him to garner views noting that after the Kamba Festival event it’s when he managed to buy a car.

“Kioko after the event they had is when he managed to acquire a car, he drives a vitz like a lady, what can Kioko tell me?,” Kasolo questioned.

“Kioko really disrespected me so let him see this interview and let him know that he wronged me, without mentioning me they can’t eat,” he added.

On not being invited to Kamba Festival Kasolo said he has no issue with Nicholas Kioko and the only problem he had was with Rick Be because he is his friend.

“I have no problem with Kioko because I knew him in Nairobi. He was like a chokora chasing us for interviews all over. He is destroying people and their brands in interviews. He really wronged me in that interview. He has nothing. He even goes to tell companies to give him clothes for his children so that they market them. Shine dresses go for 10,000. ” Kasolo claimed.

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