Kasolo lands in trouble after attacks on Nicholas Kioko

Nicholas Kioko has issued a demand letter to Gospel Artist Stephen Kasolo over his recent remarks concerning his family.

In a recent interview with an online media, Kasolo threw shades at Kioko stating that he was not learned, he owned a small vehicle, a Vitz and he is broke he depends on promotions to get clothes for his children.

Through S. Ndwiga & Co. Advocates, Nicholas Kioko wrote a letter to Kasolo saying that on 3rd June 2024, while being interviewed by one Katumbi, he issued defamatory remarks saying that he was broke.

The Advocates said that the utterances were allegations against their client Kioko and thus they have amounted to gross and blatant misinterpretation of facts leading to tainting the reputation of their client. He added that the utterances were unprofessional and unethical.

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“Naturally, these imputations are profoundly embarrassing and would undoubtedly disparage the reputation of any person about whom they are made and thus they are unfortunate and damaging. They are also grossly unfair, this is regrettable and it is made more tragic by the fact that your opinion piece enjoys a very wide circulation. Further, your utterances have caused both social and economic turmoil to our client and his issues,” part of the letter from Kioko’s advocate read.

The advocate demanded that Kasolo should immediately retract the story together with a published apology to Nicholas Kioko. He was asked to do so within three days failure to which the advocate will fill a defamation suit on behalf of their client.

“Take notice that unless we hear from you on the above within three days of the date hereof, we have irrevocable instructions to file a suit against you at your peril as to costs and attendant consequences,” the advocate warned through the letter seen by Mauvoo News on Social Media.

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