Kasolo heartbroken after woman claiming to have dead foetus conned him

Gospel singer Stephen Kasolo could not believe his eyes after realizing a woman who he helped was faking her problems.

Kasolo had met the woman identified as Eunice from Wote in Makueni County who claimed to have a dead fetus in her womb.

The singer had traveled from Nairobi accompanied by a friend to Makueni to meet the woman who poured her sorrows to him.

She narrated that her husband left her and accused her of trying to abort their child. According to her, she needed 8,000 to have the dead fetus removed from her tummy.

Apparently, the doctor had told her the dead baby should be removed by the 20th of June.

The story touched Kasolo who gave some cash and gave out her number to fans to support her for she had explained she didn’t have a place to stay or work.

“When you get the number just support her don’t call to ask more questions, the money will help the lady after the procedure to heal and get back on her feet,” he said before praying for the woman.

Later Kasolo disclosed to his fans that the lady had faked the story and he actually lost his money while attempting to help someone in need.

Guys Dunia imeisha Kama Hii story yote ilikuwa ya uongo eti niko na Mtoto kwa Tumbo na amekufia hapo how now? Hadi nikatoa pesa nikampa aende hospitali ooo God noo.. from Nairobi to Makueni ni mbali sana am heartbroken,” Kasolo wrote on his Facebook page.

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