Kasolo falls out with Ndeke days after reconciling

Gospel artist Stephen Kasolo has again come out to confirm that they are no longer friends with Ken Kijana ‘Ndeke ya Muthanga’ barely a week after they reconciled.

The ‘Tumite Mbali’ hitmaker in a TikTok live said that Ndeke blackmailed him so that he could get content for his YouTube channel. He revealed that he would call his manager to pull down the videos from YouTube because there is no need to fool people that they buried their differences yet they are still backlashing each other.

“He was looking for content to post on his YouTube, I will call his manager to pull down the video we did together and also from my end because we can’t continue lying to each other. When I forgive you I just do it wholeheartedly but it’s wrong to pretend,” Kasolo stated.

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Kasolo added that he would never call Ndeke to attend any of his events because he is no longer his friend. He cautioned people to always remain truthful and not to do things to please others.

“I had decided to invite him to my album launch but he will not even feature on my posters. It’s hypocrisy of high level so there is no need to have him there. I will pray to forgive him and get him out of my heart because I don’t have a heart of gold. He is the one who even called me telling me that he had seen my car so I stopped to greet him little did I know that he was just a hypocrite,” Kasolo added.

He confirmed that he still had a police OB from Kilimani Police Station for Ndeke’s arrest but he forgave him with one heart.

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