Kangundo MP rubbishes Kieleweke and Tangatanga factions

Kangundo Mp gives his speech at Kangundo during Madaraka day celebrations on Saturday (Credit - Agnes/Mauvoo)

Kangundo Member of Parliament Fabian Muli has dismissed Tangatanga and Kieleweke factions of the Jubilee party.

Speaking during Madaraka day celebrations on Saturday, Muli said that the two camps are for political brokers seeking to rag kenyans into endless politics.

He observed that the leaders should focus on delivering to the electorate instead of wasting time politicking.

Muli further noted that the leaders in those teams are after benefiting themselves and don’t have Mwananchi’s interest at heart.

“Kenyans have given us work to serve them and politics time is over until 2022, whats funny is that there are political power brokers who are calling themselves Kieleweke and Tangatanga movements. Let them not lie they have people’s interest at heart. No they are after their selfish interests, “said Muli.

The first term Legislator also urged leaders to cease politicking and respect the order of leadership from the president downwards.

Fabian also revealed that in his constituency he is focusing on completion of all stalled projects to ensure public money doesn’t go to waste.

“All stalled projects from the time of Moffat Maitha, Johnson Muthama and Katatha Maweu will be completed because stalled projects are waste of public money.”

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