Kangundo MP faults WHO for lying dead bodies could transmit Covid

Kangundo MP Fabian Kyule addressing mourners at Kambai village in Kangundo Subcounty.(Photo credit-Juline/Mauvoo)

Kangundo MP Fabian Kyule Muli has faulted the World Health Organization (WHO) for what he says was lying to the world that a dead person can transmit Covid-19.

Speaking at Kambai village in Kangundo Subcounty of Machakos County, the MP said that it is so inhumane for a dead person to be buried in a disrespectful manner instead of giving family members time to give their last respects.

“These doctors lied to us that when burying a Covid-19 patient one might contract the virus, you find a person being buried for 5 minutes as if they are useless, with time we shall sue the World Health Organization (WHO) for lying to us about this corona thing,” he said.

The legislator further questioned the Covid-19 numbers citing that before schools were opened the numbers were subsiding but as of now the schools have been opened the cases have gone up thus making it hard for the children who went back to school as well as the society.

“When we started locking down the country and say that children should not go to school and churches, corona cases were at 200 but we opened schools with 30,000 cases, there is a place we shall resch and start asking questions on the theory being used to calculate the cases,” the legislator questioned.

This comes days after Kithumula primary school was closed after two teachers and a student tested positive for the virus.

The Ministry of Health in September revised the strict procedures on management of bodies of coronavirus fatalities to address stigma concerns for affected families.

The new guidelines minimized the involvement of the ministry officials in burial ceremonies, allowing family members to give their loved ones a decent send off.

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