Kanga’ta decries edited clip that said he joined senate proceedings from Sabina Joy

A past photo of Murang'a Senator Irungu Kang'ata. (Photo -Courtesy)

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata has defended himself after he was accused in a viral clip of following senate proceedings while at a popular city bar and brothel – Sabina Joy.

In a video that surfaced online, a voice is heard saying that Kang’ata was in Sabina Joy drinking. The speaker then dismisses him from following the proceedings.

Speaking in Senate Wednesday, Kanga’ta said, “Yesterday I had a request for a statement, I logged in while I was outside the chambers and I was making a request concerning the plight of farmers who remain unpaid by the Murang’a County Govt and therefore making them suffer.”

He added that when he tried to log in externally, there was a small technical problem and therefore he decided to come to the chamber and make the request in person on the floor of the House.

“But later on it appears somebody manipulated yesterday’s Senate proceedings and gave a false voicing over which inserted somebody purportedly saying that I was seated at a certain bar,” he said.

Kang’ata disclosed that he has never tasted any alcohol, cigarette, or beer since he was born due to his strong religious upbringing blaming the media for picking up a fake story and giving it legitimacy.

“Yours truly happens to be a family man, he has four children and they’re all young. Therefore, to the extent I was defamed, a person did a false voiceover, to me that was something that was very hurting to my family,” he added.

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“This is not personal Mr. Speaker. If we allow this to go on, I have no doubt tomorrow another Senator will be in the same problem. Today it is Kang’ata, tomorrow it’s another Senator. I call upon you Mr. Speaker, please seize this opportunity to call those editors to appear before the Power and Privileges Committee of this House and they take remedial actions.” Kang’ata asked the speaker.

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior defended Senator Kang’ata and asked the Senate to deal with those who broadcasted the wrong video.

“They must explain to this House as to how they got that video. I drafted the Cybercrime Law and in doing so, this is exactly what we were avoiding. When we were complaining about the manipulation of servers, this is exactly what we were saying. First, you manipulate numbers, you manipulate a voice, the next time they’re going to manipulate you. They’re going to show you without clothes but with your voice.” Mutula said.

Speaker Lusaka affirmed that he has not watched the manipulated recording and to make any determination he will require to fully assess the evidence promising to give a ruling on Tuesday which will serve as a lesson to all media houses.

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