Kana Nicko reveals why he doesn’t take alcohol

Kamba Benga Artist Kana Nicko who calls himself King of Rhumba has revealed why he doesn’t take alcohol.

In an interview, Kana Nicko said that despite being a musician and alcohol being one of the lifestyles for a lot of musicians, he has never fancied the behavior.

Nicko revealed that his family was the reason why he hates booze and can never indulge in it.

He said that most of his family members have perished because of alcohol including his father who was not present during his childhood as he used to disappear.

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“I have never taken alcohol and I will never take it, I just don’t like it. According to how we have been brought up in our family, alcohol has destroyed our family. Even my father left us and went away. To date I don’t know where he went,” said Kana Nicko.

During the interview, he also showed a van that he had bought to help in his music career and when asked why he had bought it rather than having a luxury car, he had below to say;

“I don’t like luxury that is why I bought this car for the band. I always love when my people and I are together so through this matatu we will be able to carry our equipment and ourselves,” said the Rhumba singer.

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