Kalonzo Reveals Wiper Strategy to Win Governor Seats in Ukambani, Taita, and Coast

A past photo of Wiper Leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. (Image- courtesy)

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has revealed that the Wiper party is geared towards making sure that it gets more seats in Ukambani and other parts of the country in the August General election.

Speaking during an interview with a Kamba vernacular radio Musyi FM, Kalonzo disclosed that through the Wiper party elections committee and the Wiper Secretariat they will ensure that the party nominations are free and fair to get the best candidates to the ballot.

“The issue of getting more Wiper seats in Ukambani, especially for the three gubernatorial seats is one of the hardest tasks for Wiper. Maybe we could do a negotiated democracy but because we have had a firm stand to have a free and fair nomination that is what I’m stressing,” Kalonzo said.

Pointing out at negotiations, Kalonzo confirmed that the Wiper party is equipped with election experts who will see the process carried out seamlessly, “That’s why you see we have Mumo Matemu as the Vice Chairman of Wiper National Elections Board and I want to assure the people that for those who will not agree on the one candidate to field, there will be free and fair nominations for us not to lose those seats.”

Kalonzo exuded confidence that the Wiper will also get Taita Taveta gubernatorial seat and warned those who have been taking advantage of him to get elected and then abandon him that he will never accept that to happen again.

He stressed the negotiated democracy saying that like for the Machakos case they can agree to field one candidate then the others to run for senatorial seat or top county posts after the election instead of all the 3 aspirants going to the ballot the three of them which can make the Wiper party lose.

He also disclosed that he will be meeting with Former Kitui Governor Julius Malombe, David Musila, and Kiema Kilonzo to know the way forward on the Kitui gubernatorial seat to make sure that they don’t lose to another party.

The Wiper party leader further expressed confidence that their new strategies of negotiating and fielding one strong candidate will get the Wiper party more Members of County Assembly seats and Members of Parliament in Nairobi county.

“When people could get rid of their greed and follow my example, we can take a minimum of 3 MPs from Nairobi; Embakasi South, Makadara, Kasarani, and even Mathare so let’s support Wiper in Nairobi,” he said.

Kalonzo noted that Wiper can get more seats at the coast region since there are also Kambas residing in the region and called upon all the people to support the Wiper party.

He also added that when the Wiper party gets more seats this will make him more powerful even at the national arena and dismissed claims that Wiper wants to get more seats to have numbers that can impeach Raila when he fails to honor their agreement.

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