Kalonzo is surrounded by extremists holding him hostage for their own benefit – Senator Ledama

A past photo of Narok Senator Ledama OleKina. (Photo -Courtesy)

Narok Senator Ledama OleKina now claims Kalonzo is surrounded by extremists who are holding him hostage for their own good and not that of Kalonzo and the region.

Speaking during an interview at a local TV station, Ledama claimed that Kalonzo was a gentleman but had been held hostage.

“Kalonzo is surrounded by a group of extremists who are doing this for their own aim. Kalonzo Musyoka I know him, he is a gentleman and today he said that there comes a time when the interest of a nation supersedes that of an individual. Senator Kiio and his group are holding Kalonzo Musyoka, a fine gentleman hostage and the only ransom is the re-election ticket.” Ledama said.

“They are trying to push Kalonzo to go it alone in a country where we have the rule of 50 plus 1, for me, I don’t blame Kalonzo. it is extremists surrounding him.” He added.

Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua who was debating Ledama said the remarks were untrue and wild noting a person like himself cannot hold Kalonzo ransom.

“When people want to run away from the truth they always look for a space to hide. What we have said is gentlemen, we have a document here, these facts are laid bare. On the basis of this document let us engage… The public has a right to know. The truth is that Raila has not said he did not sign the document.” The Kitui senator said.

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Senator Ledama expressed disappointment with the leaders around Kalonzo who he claimed were reducing him to a regional figurehead so that they ride on him running for president to be reelected.

“I am disappointed in a few leaders who want to reduce Kalonzo into a regional figurehead; they are holding him ransom. A man’s worth is determined not by what he reveals to the public but by what he hides from the world. The only interest my friend (Senator Kiio) has is for Kalonzo to run on his own so that he can create a wave and they swim around. He wants to use the wave to get reelected. How will Kalonzo will if he doesn’t build coalitions?” Senator Ledama went on.

Senator Kiio noted that Raila Odinga tried twice and it did not work, “Why can’t we try another person, another formula? You cant do the same thing all the time and expect different results. The world will not come to an end if Raila supports Kalonzo for the position of presidency.”

According to Senator Kiio, if ODM and their presidential candidate completely refuse to engage on the basis of this document, then chances are very high that Kalonzo and the OKA team may go all the way to the ballot.

“If we agree to move forward and sign another document, what will be in that document that will make the coalition partners believe that the agreement will be honored?.. I believe reason will prevail and Raila will disregard the extremists, sit down and look at the document he appended his signature on, and agree with his co-principal on the best way forward.” Senator Kiio went on.

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