Kaiti MP Condemns Police Brutality During Finance Bill Protests

Kaiti MP Joshua Kimilu has condemned the government for allowing the police to use excess force during the Finance Bill Protests.

This week’s demonstrations across Kenya were marked by violence and fatalities, leaving more than 20 people dead and hundreds nursing injuries.

Despite the turmoil, Kimilu asserted that the spirit and determination of the Kenyan people ultimately prevailed.

In a Facebook post, The MP expressed deep sorrow over the loss of lives and condemned the government’s heavy-handed response.

“I take this chance to strongly condemn the use of excess force by the government to calm the protesters leading to loss of lives. My heart goes out to the families of those who lost their loved ones in the fight for a better Kenya,” Kimilu said.

The demonstrations, driven largely by the younger generation, aimed to address systemic issues and demand reforms.

He also acknowledged the impact of the protests, praising the youth for their efforts.

“In the same measure, I would also wish to congratulate the Gen Z for successfully correcting part of the mess. You have truly proved that the sovereign power belongs to the people,” he added.

President William Ruto on Wednesday bowed to pressure and declined to sign the controversial 2024 finance bill.

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