Justina Syokau lands lucrative Safaricom Tunukiwa brand ambassador


2020 and 2021 hitmaker songs singer Justin a Syokau has landed a lucrative Safaricom Tunukiwa brand ambassador deal. The adverts with the singer asking Safaricom users to take advantage of the Tunukiwa offer went on air last week.

In the advert that is shot at Machakos people’s park and Office of the Deputy Governor Machakos Justina mimics the Kamba accent asking people to take advantage of the offers.

Last week, the singer went public with her rate card detailing how much she charges cooperates who wish to advertise with her. Her rates were criticized by social media users who said they were quite high.

“From this April I have reduced prices 10M 6months 1M one month Biggest Influencer in Kenya Justina Syokau 2020. Looking for BRANDS and COMPANIES to market their product or be AMBASSADOR in your company, I take your product VIRAL, Your company will be leading in Sells, slide in my DM if you have Business. will not regret working with me. I have ideas which will take your business to millions.” She posted on Facebook.

For about a year now, Justina Syokau has been Privileged to work with one of the Biggest Real estate firms in Kenya Optiven Limited.

Justina Syokau rose to fame after singing the “Twendi Twendi” song where she mimics the Kamba accent and dancing style. The song went viral and so far has close to a million views on YouTube.

End of 2020 she released a new song dubbed 2021 saying that it will be a year of restoration of what was lost in 2020 given that the year was hard for most people after the country was hit by the coronavirus pandemic which resulted in the loss of jobs and livelihoods and significantly injuring the economy.

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