Wote Town joy over county water partnership with Kenya Red Cross

Governor Kivutha ning Kibwana with Kenya Redcross Secretary General Abbas Gullet during the commissioning of the Water treatment plant at Kaiti. (Credit - Kivutha Kibwana)

Residents of Wote town and its environs are a happy lot after water supply was restored to the town Wednesday. This was achieved after Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana appeal to the Kenya RedCross to construct Water treatment plant to assist providing Water for Wote town. The Water treatment plant was commissioned Wednesday by Abbas Gullet Secretary General Kenya Redcross. The Mwaani Borehole is also set to supplement water supply with at least 400 cubic meters a day.

The treatment plant is located at Kaiti River and according to the Governor it is set  to produce 50,000 litres per hour. The water crisis escalated after the rains washed away the Kamunyolo dam. The residents have been buying water from random water vendors from 25-30 shillings for a 20 liter jerrycan. The vendors have been getting the water from Rivers such as Kaiti and delivering using Bicycles and Donkeys to the town.

The county Government  through the Water and Irrigation department, also announced plans to increase the supply to the town by pumping water from Kitikyumu borehole, Constructing Kiia Nzou Mega dam and reconstructing the Kamunyolo dam that was destroyed by the rains to completely stabilize water supply to the Town and its environs. This will be conducted in partnership with Kenya RedCross.








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