It’s true, I’m a cinema man – Governor Mutua

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has admitted to being a ‘cinema man’ as he is commonly known in the political circles in Machakos county politics.

Mutua spoke at Machakos Stadium while addressing the media after parading county Ambulances and tractors to disapprove remarks by his political nemesis Johnson Muthama who said there was nothing to show for Mutua’s regime.

“There has been much propaganda people saying I’m a cinema person. It’s true because I do things people never saw before. I build roads and other things and when they say so, I’m happy because a cinema actor never stops, he just moves from one to another.” Mutua said.

Mutua called on all other leaders to join Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza, saying that Ruto is the only presidential candidate with a vision in Kenya.

“I’m now comfortable in Kenya Kwanza. I call on all other leaders to join me so as to steer this country in a more fruitful direction. Ruto has good ideas for our people and his win will be the winner of everyone in Kenya.”He added.

“Let’s all join hands and Campaign for William Ruto. We have to win this battle. I have rejected Azimio because of good reasons. I will work with Ruto to help the common mwananchi benefit, through the Bottom-Up approach.” The Governor went on.

Mutua further noted that he sensed danger at Azimio la Umoja, forcing him to look for a ‘better place to hide; -Kenya Kwanza.

“I really sensed that something was wrong at Azimio. I could not just sit there and watch myself enter into a pit. I had to go. The only solution was Kenya Kwanza.”

He said that he has done a lot for Machakos County People for the 10 years that he has been the Governor of Machakos. This comes a day after UDA Chair Johnson Muthama said he cant campaign on one platform with Mutua unless he apologises to the people of Machakos.

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