Irate Manza residents storm Machakos KPLC offices over blackouts

A section of residents from Manza protesting at Machakos KPLC offices over blackouts. (Photo -Hillary/Mauvoo)

Angry residents of Manza Monday morning stormed Machakos Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) offices protesting blackouts in the area which is less than 5km from Machakos town.

The irate residents arrived at the KPLC offices vowing not to leave without a solution to their power issues. Some of the residents have not had power for more than a month.

“We can’t put up with this anymore. We are very provoked by Kenya power. Why can’t they consider us? Are we not people like others who are satisfied?” One of the residents lamented.

The power blackouts have seen an increase in insecurity in the area.

“Just the other day thieves broke into my shop. Am I supposed to be living this fearful life surely? All this happened out of insecurity due to lack of electricity.” A trader revealed.

“We have been reporting the issue but we have sometimes been mistreated. We even asked for the management phone numbers but we were denied. That is why we came here.” Another frustrated local added.

They pointed out that Kathemboni transformer developed issues on Saturday and it was already replaced, yet since Easter, their issue hasn’t been solved.

The residents also revealed that their children are not engaging themselves in revision, since they have no power.

“Our children are not happy at all, they want to learn but they are having a hard time especially times like this when most of the learning is online.”

The customer relations Officer from Kenya power promised that the issue will be solved before Friday. Francis Muia, a resident from Katisaa said that they will be waiting for the issue to be resolved, and if not, they won’t stop protesting.

The residents later proceeded to Machakos Town MP’s Offices to present their grievances too

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