Inside the 11.7 billion Makueni 2020/2021 budget


Makueni County Assembly last week approved with amendments the 11.7 billion 2020/2021 financial year budget. The report tabled by Chairperson Budget and Appropriations Committee Dennis Musyoka.

The department of health received the biggest chunk in the Makueni 2020/2021 budget at 3.8 billion. Out of that 2.1 billion will go to salaries and 751 million recurrent expenditure as 894 million goes to the development budget.

The department of finance and socio-economic planning received a 1.131 billion allocation. The department has a development allocation of 570 million and a recurrent budget of 561 million.

The Makueni Department of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries received an allocation of 1.199 billion in 2020/2021 budget. A big portion of that will go to development (925 million) with 274 million going to recurrent expenses.

Transport, Roads, Public works and energy will receive 1.048 billion. The crucial department will spent 72 million on salaries and 150 million on other recurrent expenses. 825 million will go to development.

The water and sanitation department will have 149 million for recurrent expenditure and 833 million for development totaling to 982 million. The Department of Education and ICT will have 703 million budget, 286 million for development, and 417 million for recurrent expenditure.

The department of lands, urban development, environment, and climate change will have 472 million budget with 372 million for development and 100 million expenditure.

The county attorney’s office will get an allocation of 48 million, County public service board 66 million, office of the Governor 192 million, office off the deputy governor 13.9 million, trade, industry, marketing, tourism and cooperatives development 174 million.

Department of Gender, culture, and social services will get 150 million allocations. The sand authority will get 125 million in the Makueni 2020/2021 budget and the Department of devolution, county administration, participatory development, youth, and public service will get 342 million.

Overall, Makueni county plans to spend 3.6 billion of the 11.7 billion on salaries. At 31 percent of total revenue, this allocation to salaries is within the 35 percent limit for fiscal responsibility stipulated in the public finance management law.

In Machakos County, the wage bill is estimated at 5.99 billion which is at 54.4 percent of the budget. Last week, Masaku professionals petitioned the county Assembly of Machakos on that and other issues.

The Makueni 2020/2021 Financial year budget according to the County Assembly estimates prioritized resource allocation to stalled projects, revoted projects, underfunded programs, and clusters that are marginalized.

The Makueni MCAs recommended that the county executive procures all development projects and essential supplies before the end of the first quarter of the Financial Year 2020/2021 to commence projects early and increase the absorption rate.

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