I have forgiven my father, assaulted Makueni woman says

Purity Muthoki, a woman whose hands were chopped off by her ex-husband at Kwa Mavui village says she has forgiven her father over the incident that led her to lose both of her arms. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Purity Muthoki, a woman who was assaulted and her hands chopped off by her ex-husband at Kwa Mavui village, Makueni county last month now says she has forgiven her father.

Ms. Muthoki has been undergoing treatment at Makueni county referral hospital in Wote town since the 15 th of last month and was discharged Wednesday from the hospital. She had earlier blamed her father for allowing her ex-husband to visit them for a ‘reunion talk’ something that nearly led to her death.

“On that material day, my father and my ex-lover were in constant conversation but he did not inform me until it was late at night. I warned him not to allow him to our home. But I have decided to forgive him because he is my only father,” said Muthoki as she left the hospital.

The 24-year-old woman and a mother of one kid told Mauvoo News that she was doing casual works to take care of her 10-year-old son but life had totally changed and she is unable to provide for herself and her son. Doctors at Makueni Referral Hospital amputated her hands due to the cuts she got from her husband that posed a threat to her health as they could not be treated.

“I need a person to help me in daily chores, I can’t feed myself, visit the toilet, or do any other thing by myself. I need someone to assist me in my daily chores. Am appealing to well-wishers to assist me where they can,” she pleaded.

Ann Mona, Muthoki’s sister in law who has been taking care of her since the incident said the Muthoki’s situation has worsened her life adding that she had two children but now another burden had been added to her.

“I am the mother of two children but now Muthoki’s situation has forced me to take care of 4 people, Muthoki’s son plus her. Her ex-husband was killed by a mob shortly after committing the merciless act where he tried to escape unsuccessfully.” Ann narrated.

Makueni county Women representative Rose Museo who has been speaking out against gender-based violence rebuked the painful act and urged all couples seek to guidance from parents, church leaders, or government officers when solving the domestic crisis. She said some of the parents have forgotten their responsibility for advising their young couples, especially during the COVID-19 times.

“Since the Government introduced movement restrictions and partial lockdown of some counties and a nationwide curfew, gender-related violence cases are increasing daily. I urge all parents and church leaders to take their responsibility and cancel young couples,” said the Women Representative.

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