I do not entertain nonsense even from my mother- Myello

A past photo of Singer Justus Myello. He said that he does not entertain nonsense even from his mother. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Kamba Gospel Artist Justus Myello has said that he does not entertain nonsense from anyone, not even his mother through a statement shared this week following an incident where he clashed with a radio presenter Kavwele.

Myello said this while addressing his feud with Musyi Fm Presenter Samuel Mutuku alias Kavwele who he accused of criticizing his latest song by saying he was lying to people that he was a born again but he was living a double life while hiding behind salvation.

“This guy has peddled a lot of nonsense. This is the same nonsense you want me to stoop low to and accommodate somebody whom I know is a fool, and am not taking any crap, I do not entertain nonsense from anyone, I do not entertain nonsense even from my mother and that is how I am and I cannot change, ” said Myello.

Myello accused the presenter of not playing his songs and only plays those of ladies he has ‘seduced’.

He went ahead to say that he was not apologetic for a post that had been doing rounds in social media where he had attacked the presenter saying he was human and he had been angered by the presenter over his attacks towards him and it was time he addressed him once and for all.

“I am human,I have a human heart and body. There is a great man of God called Lai who gathered all big preachers in Kenya and told them here in Ukambani there a person to beware of of as he is bound to finish churches called Kavwele. There was a time a pastor from Kitui send messages to his congregants to meet for a morning service and by mistake one woman the message was read by her husband and Kavwele decided to speak ill of the pastor accusing him of sleeping with people’s wives and it was total lies, ” he said.

” This man when he hears a small thing about a church he builds up on it and now he has decided to come on singers and he starts with Myello. This man does not play a gospel song from a lady he has not slept with and we know, ” he added.

The Award-winning artist early 2020 took the internet by storm with his new look. In several photos circulating online, Myello was seen rocking dreadlocks something that has shocked and excited some of his fans. He later removed the locks.

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