I caught my cheating husband right in the act with a slay queen

I have been married for six years now; it was until late last year that I started to notice weird behavior from my husband. Thomas turned to being an animal and he was not the same again, the man I married was a humbled guy full of respect and trust he could not hide anything from me. I really loved him and never rushed to inquire what was making him different.

I have been faithfull in our marriage, as when my mother was preparing me for marriage. She always told me never to hide anything from a man, and that when people get married become one. No secrets in marriage that was one thing I knew. I wondered when I thought of that. During our dating and first years of marriage Thomas was such a loving guy full of happiness that kept our bond so strong that from time to time we would call each other every time let’s say wishing a nice lunchtime and just share promises via phone conversation when we were at various work station. Late last year that particular conversation was cut. No phone calls no good night. Thomas never gave me time, he would from time to time say that he was busy, and he would turn to bed late in the night or sometimes never turns up and decides to sleep on the couch in the sitting room. I was left deep in thoughts for a whole month we never had sex, and I wondered how that was possible from a man I knew really loved to keep his “chuma ya doshi “at work, he never showed interest. I would forcefully demand it from him in the sitting room but he never did it with passion and he would look gloomy thereafter.

I checked in his phone and never got a name of a lady looked at the chats, but they were all clear no messages exchange with a lady. I asked myself many questions, was I the problem? I had heard of stories from people that men don’t like fat women. I had gained little weight on my body. I thought I was the problem. So I decided to go to the gym for a workout and in a months’ time I became fit but Thomas never changed. He never heard time for me, One evening I approached him and asked him what was wrong with him, and why he changed. He was never the same Thomas I knew, “What’s up Thomas what do I not offer you, I heard that men hate fat women and I have struggled to keep fit.” He answered me that he had not sent me for any fitness activity, and he left, he never mentioned to where he was headed to, that same night, he never turned up, and came back the following morning, prepared and left for work without uttering a word. I noticed a different smell of a perfumed on his clothes and knew that he had another woman, I had heard stories of slay queens, snatching women husbands and never thought it was going to happen to me, I never knew of her location to confront her, and my husband had gotten violent so I could not ask him, that would land me in a hot soup, I wanted to get them ready handed myself, that’s when I thought of Kiwanga doctors who were the solution, they had helped my friend, without hesitance, I contacted doctor kiwanga and informed him everything, he informed me of their meeting point and directed me to an apartment in Ruaka in the outskirts of Kiambu county where the two met.

The following morning I woke up early and went to the apartment and asked for a cleaning job, luckily the slay queen that kept my husband offered me a job. While I was busy cleaning back on the balcony behind the house Thomas turned up and was received and taken to the house, they talked for a few minutes and went to the bedroom, this was my chance, I ambushed them right in the act, Gave the slay queen a thorough beating and took my husband back. Thanks kiwanga doctors I have my husband back.

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