I can’t afford food – Justina Syokau opens up on disease that has left her broke

A past photo of singer Justina Syokau. (Photo -Courtesy)

Twendi Twendi hitmaker Justina Syokau has been through a lot of late. She has however remained silent on the matter but decided to open up on Hiram Maina “Kamuhunjia” show.

According to Justina, on the 10th of January 2021, she got some rashes on her hand, thought it was maybe a normal ailment. They disappeared only to later reappear on her entire body.

The rashes were accompanied by black spots that popped up on her body and this made her to only wear trousers and sweaters to cover them. She stopped taking meat and proteins and only took natural vegetables but to her surprise, her condition worsened.

“When I went to the hospital, they took part of my skin for tests and said I was suffering from dermatophytes. I looked so bad and I was only left with my house girl and my child as my friends. The medications I got did not assist me.” She narrated.

“I want to another hospital, I was told I have Eczema. We treated it but still, it was not working. I was using a body cream of 1,000 ksh per day. We had no events and I had no income. Things got thick. I could no longer afford medicine. I took aloe Vera, garlic, and turmeric to apply on the body but it was still not working.” Justina in the interview added.

At that point, some people told her that someone had done witchcraft to her because she was doing well.

After some time she was diagnosed with cirrhosis (liver failure ) because of the drugs she had been given after the 2 misdiagnoses. She was admitted for 2 weeks in the house and had to ask her house help to sell some of her household items so that she could get money to be discharged.

“I tried sending photos of my skin to my friends and none send me money. I understood because times are hard especially with lockdowns. Even those who are abroad if you tell them to send you 200 or 1000, they could not.” She went on.

“For my blood culture to be done, I sold 11 of my clothes to a boutique at a throw-away price. I thank God the lady there gave me 5,000 for some clothes which I had even bought for as much as 23,000. After 2 weeks I was better when they gave me the medication but up to now they are still treating the black spots.” Justina added.

The singer revealed that she cannot afford food yet before the sickness through her foundation Justina Hope Initiative she was the one donating food to people. She asked Kenyans who can stand with her to do so as she was very broke and had a lot of unpaid bills. She also asked corporates who could give her an opportunity to market them to give her the chance.

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