I am the de facto Kamba kingpin – Kalonzo

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka receiving food donations from Wiper women democrats Saturday. In an interview with a local TV station, Kalonzo said he was the de facto Ukambani kingpin. (Photo credit -Courtesy)

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has responded to the debate on Ukambani leadership. Speaking at a local Television interview Saturday, Kalonzo said he was the de facto Kamba kingpin who has gained the trust of the community.

“I don’t believe my friends have the capacity to derail. And the community I come from has known I have never misled them in any situation. Well, the situation is de facto. These things are earned. It comes with the ability of people to trust you.” Kalonzo said.

“First of all Kibwana is older than me, I made him Governor because he was losing that time. The time for president Kalonzo has come and he knows it. The time has come…”

Differences with Ngilu

With Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu severally accusing Kalonzo of meddling in Kitui County Affairs and manipulating MCAs to vote against her agendas in the County Assembly, Kalonzo said that he was Ngilu’s advocate in the case of incitement before NCIC where she was accused of inciting locals to torch trucks ferrying charcoal.

“I am her advocate, I harbor no ill will or plan evil against anybody. That is not me…We have never sat as NEC and directed MCAs to impeach Ngilu…Don’t drag me into an unhealthy debate about home politics. ” The wiper Party leader said.

Aiming for the presidency in 2022

On the 2022 presidency, the former Vice president made it clear that he was going for nothing short of the presidency and that was his party position.

“I am going for the real thing in 2022 God willing. we Made it clear, my party has made it clear.We are prepared. We are rearing to go.”

Kalonzo on BBI support

On his support for BBI Kalonzo said he supported it not for what he was promised but the need to bring the country together citing the incident where he dismissed NTV’s journalist Ken Murithi by saying his name betrayed him, an incident that caused much uproar.

“On the 27th of November I had to apologize at Bomas of Kenya, many people were angered by my gusto in support of Raila. When I was challenging IEBC I said things which were very challenging to people who did not buy my views. I had to apologize because I have always been a true nationalist.” Kalonzo in the interview says.

Errand boy remarks

On the remarks he made at his Father’s funeral about being an errand boy for president Uhuru, remarks which causes controversy with Kibwana and Muthama taking him on over the same saying he meant he was going to the negotiating table.

“How else would you explain corporation between wiper and Jubilee, hio ni kazi ya errand. Errand boy who becomes the next president of Kenya is truly not an errand boy. He is a leader.” The former VP added.

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