Hundreds arrested in Machakos county for flouting Covid-19 containment measures as crackdown intensifies

Locals who were arrested in Tala flouting Covid-19 containment measures at KBC Police station Thursday. (Photo -Courtesy)

Over 100 people have been arrested for flouting Covid-19 containment measures set by the government in Machakos Town, Tala, Mlolongo, and other areas in an ongoing crackdown in the last few days.

Speaking after the latest crackdown, Machakos Township Senior Chief Joshua Kimeu said that the arrests were made after many failed attempts to try and reason with the residents to observe the containment measures for their own benefit.

Chief Kimeu said that Machakos County should be put under lockdown so people can learn the hard way.

“We have had a serious crackdown that has been carried out by officers from the National Government and Nyumba Kumi officers where we have arrested people who were playing pool, drinking alcohol and the ones who had no masks,” he said.

“We have tried to talk to these people on the rules to follow and many have not listened, there should have been a lockdown even in Machakos because people are ignorant,” he added.

A similar crackdown was done in Tala Market in Matungulu sub-county where more than 40 people were arrested for flouting Covid-19 rules even after the county commissioner took a tour to educate the people on the set guidelines. Some of those arrested were in bars.

Speaking to Mauvoo News last week, some of the residents from Tala who sought anonymity said that despite the fact that bars had been closed in other areas following directives by the president majority of them in Tala were still up and running as normal something that seems to shock them.

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua while receiving donations from well-wishers Thursday (22nd April) expressed fears that the virus was spreading fast in the community urging locals to adhere to Ministry of Health guidelines for things to resume to normal faster.

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