How I walked from Kitui to Machakos after class 8 looking for my mum -Timo Kilaiku TV

Augustus Isika popularly known as Kilaiku Tv has come a long way.

The upcoming comedian during an interview with Mercy Mawia Thome revealed that he grew up without a mother until class 8.

He noted that his father had three wives and the polygamous family was hell for him.

His mother left him while young and had to be raised by stepmothers and brothers.

“After completing class eight I was not taken to high school despite my father being rich. I had to herd cows and goats at home. My elder brothers would assault me a lot over nothing and this would affect me greatly,” said Isika.

He noted that one time he was beaten and his middle finger broken prompting him to escape home.

He says since he had heard rumors of his mother’s whereabouts he decided to find her.

“I walked from Kitui to Machakos a distance of 98 kilometers in search of my mother.
whom I could not remember. After a day and a half, I arrived at Machakos, dirty and injured, and spoke to one woman at Akamba offices. She called some two men, pastors who said they knew my mother but she lived in Matiliku,” he narrated.

Augustus noted that living with his mother was hectic as she didn’t just warm up to him immediately.

“It took five months before she could fully accept me as her son. She was living with her family and being her son was a threat to the family,” Augustus disclosed.

Luckily his mother took him back to school where he studied from one to four at Kilili secondary.

Later he was forced to move to Nairobi to college thanks to some well-wishers who sponsored his education.

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