Kavwele and Kasolo bury the hatchet, vow to preach Unity


Musyi FM radio presenter Bishop Kavwele Junior and Gospel artist Stephen Kasolo ‘Kitole’ finally forgave each other and promised to never fight again. In a post shared by Bishop Kavwele online, he pointed out that together with Kasolo they agreed to pull down all the dirty videos abusing each other and vowed that will never happen again in the future.

“Matthew 6:14; For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. We have agreed on the following with my brother: That all the dirty Videos which add no value should not be on social media. So we have removed all the videos that we were insulting each other on YouTube and commit that the same will not be repeated in future,” Kavwele posted.

Kavwele said that what had been happening between the two was an embarrassment to the word of God and the gospel ministry that’s why they agreed to live in peace. He also said that he would be removing the copyright claims he issued on his ex-wife Vai Delay’s YouTube channel.

“It’s an embarrassment to the body of Christ. We have agreed to live in peace so that the body of Christ can be respected because we are the light of the world. In view of that development, from this side, we will be retracting the copyright claims on the videos from the channel that was terminated so that YouTube can reinstate it. Let there be peace, to God be the glory,” he added.

Kavwele also asked their followers and supporters to avoid any behavior, comments, or reposting the clips they might have on their phones because the same will be subject to copyright violation. On his part, Kasolo responded, “All the best Bishop Umoja  ni Nguvu.”

The two have been engaged in online war in the past where they have opened washed dirty linen in public.

Muthetheni family elated after Governor wavinya clears kin’s hospital bill


A family from Muthetheni in the Mwala sub-county of Machakos County can now bury their kin whose body had overstayed in the morgue due to pending bills.

The bills amounting to over Ksh.700,000 were cleared by Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti.

Irene Mulu, Wiper nominated MCA narrated that her nephew who died months ago had overstayed in the mortuary and the family had lost every hope of ever burying it.

Irene could not control her tears while recounting how the family went through torture trying to raise money for the bills.

“When we went to the mortuary I could not recognize the body of the kid, the cashier told us that the body was among unclaimed bodies that were slated for disposal,” said the MCA.

“We are grateful to the governor because when we went to her office she listened to our cries and helped us sort the hospital and mortuary bill now the family can heave a sigh of relief because even the burial arrangements were catered for,” she added.

Irene spoke during the burial of the kid which she said was planned within hours.

Speaker Kinengo stamps authority on Majority Party Leadership tussle


Kitui County Assembly Speaker, Kevin Kinengo Katisya stamped his authority on the Majority Party (Wiper) leadership tussle.

The Speaker noted that he had received a letter from Daniel Kimanzi Ngoima (MCA Kitui Township) regarding the removal of Harrison Maluki (Migwani MCA) from the office of the Leader of Majority and Bonface Mukwate (Kanyangi MCA) from the office of the Majority whip to replace them with Munyoki Mwinzi and Daniel Ngoima respectively. Speaker Kinengo termed the letter as unprocedural per the County Assembly of Kitui Standing orders.

“Reference is made to your two letters both dated 5th September 2023 and a copy of minutes dated 4th September 2023 attached thereof; this is to acknowledge the receipt of the above-mentioned letter, contents of which are noted…the letter under reference is wrong and unprocedural before me and can’t, therefore be actioned on,” the letter from the office of the Speaker as seen by Mauvoo News read.

According to Kitui County Assembly Standing Orders No. 15 (9) in case of changes in the Majority Party Leadership, the communication should be made to the Speaker by the Whip of the largest party or Coalition of Parties.

“The Assembly has a substantive Majority Whip and his/her deputy as implied by Standing Orders 15 (6) and (7) from whom I would expect such communication for my action. The sitting circumstances render your communication void,” the letter from the Speaker further expounded.

The communication letter from MCA Daniel Ngoima was also copied to the Secretary General of the Wiper Party and Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe. However, according to the Assembly Standing Orders, the communication should be an internal matter hence no need for the same to be copied to other external authorities.

During Tuesday’s (26th September)afternoon Assembly Sitting, Munyoki Mwinzi the MCA for Kyuso Ward was ordered by the Speaker to vacate the seat meant for the Majority Leader to avoid wrangles that were witnessed during a Special Sitting on 18th September 2023 when he (MCA Kyuso) refused to vacate the same seat.

“There is a saying that says, he who seeks equity must speak equity with clean hands, if you want justice go to justice with justice Hon. Munyoki Mwinzi. We were just from a meeting where you were strongly convincing me to communicate confirming you as the Majority Leader and Ngoima as the Majority Whip and I responded to you that I will professionally look into the law but I’m surprised that just the other day we had a drama here, do you want the same drama to continue,” Speaker Kinengo said during the afternoon sitting.

The Speaker said that he won’t allow any disrespect to the office of the Speaker to happen under his watch.

“I make a ruling, you assume that you can play cat and mouse games, I won’t allow the office of the Speaker to be disrespected. My ruling must be respected, I’m here constitutionally by God’s will, so get out of the seat Hon. Munyoki Mwinzi,” the Speaker ordered.

Ukambani leaders asked to support Kalonzo’s 2027 Presidential bid

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti and Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua have called upon all the leaders from the Kamba Community to unite and support Kalonzo Musyoka’s 2027 bid.

Speaking during a function held at Kithumula in Kitui West, the two leaders called Ukambani Leaders to support Kalonzo’s Presidential bid regardless of their political parties.

“Our forefathers like Muindi Mbingu were supported by the likes of Syokimau, Kalonzo is oir current Muindi Mbingu and we are the Syokimau’s of our times. We will support Kalonzo to where we want, let us remain united as Kamba community for Kalonzo’s presidency to remain relevant,” Wavinya stated.

The Machakos Governor also claimed that the Kamba Community is fully united by Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka as they vote as a block. She said that if Raila had chosen Kalonzo as his deputy, Azimio would have won easily in 2022.

“There is no community united like the Kamba Community, let no one lie to you. If Azimio would have picked Kalonzo as the Deputy President, we would have won easily, we thank Raila for working with Kalonzo but this time let us be wise so that we get to where we want,” Wavinya added.

Senator Kiio reiterated that Kalonzo Musyoka is undoubtedly the next President of Kenya and that’s why all the Kamba Leaders should rally behind him without looking at their political party affiliations.

“We have talked as leaders and I want to confirm this Party Leader, the leaders of Ukambani our will is to be all in the Wiper Party. If it won’t be possible to be in the Wiper Party, those outside the Party we have to speak in one voice to look for the sixth president of Kenya through Kalonzo Musyoka,” Kiio affirmed.

Kiio added that when the Kamba Community is united it will be easier to produce Kalonzo Musyoka as the sixth president of Kenya.

Senator Maanzo’s warning to Kenya Kwanza government


Makueni Senator Daniel Maanzo has cautioned the Kenya Kwanza government against raising the cost of living which is already high.

The Senator said that the cost of living was high and Kenyans should not be subjected to more hardships by the Kenya Kwanza government. He told President Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua that if they won’t listen to the Kenyans their leadership will come to an end like the Biblical  ‘Mene Mene Tekel’ leadership of King Belshazzar.

“The government should lower the cost of living instead of making Kenyans living near the Kenya-Tanzania border go to Tanzania since the fuel is cheap there. The taxes are high here in Kenya, in Uganda and Tanzania the fuel prices are low, why is this government of William Ruto victimizing Kenyans?,” Maanzo asked.

He called upon President Ruto to listen to Kenyans since he said he was a Christian because they are suffering yet he is turning deaf ears to them.

“Your Christianity is your actions, it is talking about what you do, listening to Kenyans, and reducing the cost of living. If you continue pressurizing the Kenyans to pay more taxes and the money is being eaten by your people, there will be no new people to start businesses due to the high taxes imposed,” Maanzo stated.

The vocal senator added that Kenyans will soon get tired of the Kenya Kwanza government if the government won’t listen to the people. He said that if the high cost of living then that would be the end of President Ruto’s leadership.

“The same people who supported you will get angry with you and when you lose people’s favor, you will also lose God’s favor. That’s why the Kingdom of Babylon was written on the wall ‘Mene Mene Tekel’ its the same way the Leadership of Rigathi and Ruto is written ‘Mene Mene Tekel’ and it will be taken from them,” he added.

The Makueni Senator pointed out that the case against the 2023 Finance Bill is still active in court and they are hopeful that justice will be delivered on their side and side of Kenyans who said the Finance Bill is burdening them.  Senator Maanzo is Petitioner No.7 in the Finance Bill case representing the Eastern Region with Omtata at the forefront and Otiende Omollo representing the Nyanza region.

Kasolo hits out at Wilberforce Musyoka and his fans


Gospel Artist Stephen Kasolo has hit out at his colleague Wilberforce Musyoka over his silence.

In a viral TikTok video, Kasolo who didn’t mention Wilberforce by name accused him of hypocrisy by remaining silent when his colleagues were being attacked by Secular artist Katombi.

“Katombi is a secular artist who came out to call for a cease-fire. But there is a gospel artist being praised like he is God and they forget there is a God who deserves the praise.” Kasolo said.

“He has been silent and has not even said stop fighting my brothers in Christ. Know that in the Gospel industry, there is hypocrisy. If today Myello is being insulted I would come out and say, this doesn’t seem right. ” The Kitole hitmaker went on.


Kasolo further said the true gospel is defending brothers in Christ even if they are not righteous.

“He is just silent and clapping in his heart. Today the person who you deem good if they get a scandal, it would finish him. The true Gospel is standing to defend your brothers even if they are bad because God knows tomorrow.” He added.

2 Weeks ago, Benga artist Alex Kasau Katombi released a song -“Ataiwe” calling out Kamba gospel artists Katungwa, Kasolo, Masekete, Myello, and Ken Kijana. This resulted in a backlash from Kasolo and Myello. Myello reported the Audio and YouTube pulled it down before meeting Katombi and the song was reinstated.

Myello speaks on why he had pulled down Katombi’s Ataiwe Song


Gospel Artist Justus Myello has revealed why he was forced to pull down the Ataiwe song from YouTube.

Speaking to Rick Be TV, Myello said that he respects Katombi and that nothing personal made him think of deleting his songs from YouTube. He pointed out that he doesn’t have any grudge with him and they are good friends.

“I’m the one who pulled the song from YouTube, you know I’m not mad, I pulled them for a reason since I respect Alex Kasau Katombi and his band. All the artists are our clients in TV and Radio where I work so we can’t fail to involve them, it was nothing personal,” Myello stated.

The gospel artist disclosed that he met with Katombi to put everything in order adding that Katombi had not copyrighted his song but his name (Myello). He also pointed out that his name is licensed and that’s why the song was pulled down then they met to discuss the way forward.

“In music what is copyrighted is the tune, but for this case, he only mentioned my name ‘Myello’ which appears on my national identification card. My name is also licensed that’s why I wanted it to get personal and I felt that he mentioned our names together with Kasolo and other gospel artists. I wanted it to be a lesson to other artists who tarnish other people’s names yet we have an image or name to protect,” Myello said.

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Myello on why he was prompted to delete the song, pointed out that he was angered by Katombi’s fans who mocked him after the song instead of telling him that it was just a song. He added that Katombi’s fans dared him thinking that he (Katombi) was unstoppable provoking him to take action.

“That was just a small matter but his fans who thought that he was unstoppable angered me and that’s why you have seen him tell them to stop attacking me or Kasolo. If you don’t have anything positive to comment on the song which I truly comment is a hit song, just say it is a banger instead of coming to my page or Kasolo’s page to create a conflict between us,” He added.

He further said that there is no bad blood between him and Katombi as they have worked on so many projects together. He also said that he is a big fan of his music and Katombi knows that.

“I don’t have any issue with him, I have worked with him for a long time, especially on road shows and our night events, recently I was with him during Akamba Night in Kitui. We are good friends, I told him I’m his fan and actually he knows that his fans were the problem,” he went on.

He also revealed that there were outside forces from his family and friends to pull down the song from the comments and that’s why he had to pull it. Myello reiterated that the song is good and speaks the truth about the gospel artists, he agreed that in the past there have been issues in the ministry. He called upon the people to pray for those mentioned there instead of ganging against them or criticizing them urging the Kamba Community not to gang against each other. The two met, talked, and agreed to bury the hatchet and the song was later uploaded back on YouTube.

Sexual benefits of ‘Itoo’ that will surprise you


Known in English as Garantula snot apple – ‘Itoo’ is a multi-purpose edible fruit. The fruit was popular among the Kamba community in the old days but many viewed it as just a normal fruit.

Nowadays the fruit is not common but can do well again if the farmers are re-introduced to farming after training.

With its succulent flesh, the fruit can be used to make syrups, and jam among other delicacies.

The remarkable silky oddly shaped fruit is not only nutritious but does have sexual health benefits.


First, it can help reduce blood pressure, help women battling infertility, cleanse the body, and protect from diseases.

For sexual health benefits, the fruit increases libido in both men and women thus serving as an aphrodisiac. Those experiencing low libido due to stress or other health issues should find the fruit.

It also lubricates the vagina, keeping it moist, and depending on your body type you may need to chew on a few to get results.

The fruit is also encouraged due to its ability to get rid of the vaginal odor as it serves as a cleanser.