Why I stopped participating in Awards – Wilberforce Musyoka


Gospel artist Wilberforce Musyoka has spoken about why he stopped taking part in Awards.

Speaking during an Online TV show Inuka, Wilberforce said during his last 10 years in ministry he has learnt not to compete with anyone because everyone has a different level of grace.

“At some point, I quit Awards, I don’t like them, I don’t engage in them and I don’t want those things. They will make me at some point feel like I am defeating someone and I don’t want to feel like I’m beating someone in the ministry.” Wilberforce said.

The singer noted that he wants to have the original idea of spirit in his mind clarifying that he didn’t say Awards are not good but his ministry wanted a different direction.

“I want to have the original idea of ministry, in my spirit. To others it is okay and I’m not saying it is bad, it encourages others but for me, I don’t want that direction, I don’t want to feel at any point I have defeated someone… I’m not saying awards are not good.” He added.

“It is ministry, it is personal. When I was called, you were not there. There are some things I might have heard during my call and may not be okay with everyone but they align with my call.” Wilberforce reiterated.

He noted that it would be better for Awards to facilitate ministry for the artist may be through sponsoring their albums or recording.

Kalonzo speaks for the first time on his 2027 presidential bid


Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka has for the first time spoken of his 2027 presidential bid.

Speaking at Kisiiki Primary school grounds during the homecoming of Ndalani MCA Francis Kitaka, Kalonzo said that nothing will stop him from being president in 2017.

“The Kamba community should be ready and know that nothing will stop me from becoming president in 2027. The only obstacle is Ruto and he said he knows I will face him in 2027.” Kalonzo said.

The Wiper party leader said that the Luo community was disappointed with Kikuyu’s after the 2022 elections and they had now promised to hold his hand in 2027.

“I love my country so much, and that’s why I told our people for the 3rd term continuously I will step aside for Raila. All Luos are saying Kalonzo 2027. That’s what they are saying, lets hope they will fulfill that pledge .” Kalonzo added.

He further lauded the 425B High grand falls dam saying that it will provide job opportunities to locals and benefit the community immensely.

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Machakos county set to carry out a head count of all staff

The Machakos county Government Human Resource Audit Taskforce is next week set to conduct a headcount of all the county employees.

In a letter dated 25th November 2022 addressed to all CECs and Chief officers from Dr. Muya the county secretary, all employees are required to avail themselves for the exercise seeking to weed out ghost workers.

“There are no exceptions and any employee who does not comply will be expunged from the payroll and disciplinary action commenced against them.” The letter reads in part.

Further, for employees on study leave outside the country, the Letter directs that they be processed under the different departments.

The letter;

The exercise will begin on Tuesday 29th November at Machakos people park and below is the schedule for the different departments;

In 2018, then Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua admitted to the presence of ghost workers in Machakos county. Missed the story? check it out below;

While commissioning the Human Resource Audit Taskforce last month, Governor Wavinya exposed some national government findings on the payroll including cases of double salaries, shared bank accounts, same payroll numbers, and different pins, under 18s on the payroll among other issues. Missed the story? check it out below;

Makueni ICT, Education and Internship CEC – Who is Elizabeth Ndunge Muli?


Elizabeth Ndunge Muli was born in 1985 in Kasikeu – Kilome, Makueni county. She started school at Muani Primary in Nguuni. She proceeded to Tala Township in Machakos county.

After Primary she joined Muthetheni Girls in Machakos county and sat for KCSE in 2002. Thereafter she joined Strathmore university for a Diploma in Business Information Technology in 2005 and started the degree in 2005 November.

In her third year, she was placed for a job at Focus publishers and she graduated in 2009. She switched to KEMSA as an ICT officer. She started pursuing an MBA from 2012 to 2014 at the University of Nairobi. At KEMSA she rose through the ranks to be assistant ICT Manager.

Elizabeth is a certified project manager by the Project management institute, a certified information systems auditor (CISM), and a certified information systems auditor (CISA). At KEMSA she oversaw the growth and transformation of ICT.

During vetting, she promised to automate and use innovation in the county which mostly has manual operations by use of e-administration like in Nairobi. On vocational training institutions,  she vowed to work to equip them and use partnerships, to motivate their trainers to address low motivation.

During the swearing-in of the new CECs, Governor Mutula said that the county will be ICT-driven going forward asking all staff to comply. Missed the story? check it out below;

On ECDE teachers’ remuneration, she pledged to implement the Council of Governor’s scheme of service on their payments which has been implemented in some counties. This she says will help motivate them.

On Bursaries, Elizabeth expressed the intention to work with MCAs, Education coordinators, and stakeholders to ensure that bursaries go to the deserving.

Elizabeth’s net worth is estimated at 24.5 million.

From Headteacher to Machakos Education CEC, meet Joyce Mwikali Muindi


Joyce Mwikali Muindi comes from Mukalwa, Sengani Sublocation in Matungulu constituency. A trained teacher, Joyce has over ver 24 years of experience.

Before her appointment as CEC Education In Machakos, She was the headteacher at Kwatombe primary school.

During vetting she promised to share bursaries equitably across all cadres of learners from those doing degrees, those In TVETs, colleges and those in secondary schools as their fees differ.

Joyce vowed to mobilize funds through NGOs to make sure all children in Machakos get quality education. On the school feeding program, she noted that they will implement a feeding program for all ECDE centers in the county.

For vocational training,  Joyce said she will lobby resources to ensure all those who don’t proceed to secondary schools get a chance to join the vocational training institutions.

The CEC had been unwell and was discharged in late October from Kenyatta National Hospital and was just engaged briefly because of her condition at the time.

Reprieve for Machakos youths as county set to begin Kazi Mtaani program

Machakos County is set to begin Kazi Mtaani Program. This follows the passing of a motion moved by Francis Kitaka Ndalani Ward MCA to make use of locals to maintain feeder roads. The motion was seconded by Jackson Ndaka MCA Tala.

“Cognisant that there are 8 sub-counties in Machakos county and some are vast making it difficult for graders to traverse each ward…Aware the county can get better results by using Kazi Mtaani as well as achieve better results as manual labor will complement the graders and create employment by putting money in pockets of locals.”MCA Kitaka said.

“I wish to move the motion that the county government considers initiating the Kazi Mtaani program by engaging the public in the maintenance of feeder roads with the supervision of resident sub-county engineers.” the Ndalani MCA said.

The motion received immense support from all MCAs present and below are some of their reactions.

Minority leader Judas Ndawa said, “The essence oF devolution was to take resources to the grassroots and what is happening when there is a project in most cases we tender…You will find monies meant to do roads in Matuu or any other place are paid to a contractor who comes from another county…Our youth are swallowing Miraa because they have nothing to do.”

Kyeleni MCA Grace Bahati said,” As a youth, I’m in support of the motion, during campaigns one of the greatest needs we got was jobs… These are some of the opportunities we can give to our young people and can pay bills and help parents.”

Boniface Katiti Muthetheni ward MCA Said,” If we can provide jobs for our people, even mothers and fathers can get some money to pay fees. “

Mlolongo MCA Daniel Ndwiki said, “We know there is a lack of employment in our areas and we have lots of youths not in work and this will provide job opportunities. In Syokimau, Mlolongo ward some youths are turning to criminal activities because of lack of jobs.”

Matthew Ndunda Kangundo North MCA said,’ By promoting Kazi Mtaani will support the initiative in terms of ensuring feeder roads in our wards are perfected.”

Vincent Mutile Upper Kaewa MCA said, “The Spirit of devolution and county government was about social welfare and bringing resources closer to the people. This is an example of bringing resources to the people.”

Francis Kavyu MCA Kinanie ward said, “I rise in support of the motion, I want to request the house when the time for the supplementary budget comes, we need to ensure there is an allocation to make the initiative a success.”

Brian Kisila Mwala/Makutano ward MCA said,” This an excellent motion…This is a double-edged sword, we must come up with detailed procedures to make sure it is done.”

Nominated MCA Ann Mutevu said, “The last time the national government had Kazi Mtaani and it helped our youths so much. It will help our youths and women and they will be busy on this.”

In October, President William Ruto abolished the popular Kazi Mtaani program by the National Government across the country. The president gave the directive saying that his government was exploring better and current employment programs.

Why Kitui County Assembly Cancelled CECs Vetting at the 11th Hour


Kitui County Assembly speaker Kevin Kinengo Katisya during the morning plenary sitting on Wednesday (23rd November) communicated to the House the postponement of the approval hearings for persons nominated for appointment as County Executive Committee Members (CECs) until further notice.

While delivering his communication to the House, Speaker Kevin Kinengo quoted a letter from Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) that was received on 18th November 2022 directing Assemblies not to approve nominees for appointment without being cleared by the same commission through the integrity vetting process.

The Speaker noted that a letter from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission dated 17th November 2022 was issued to All County Governors, All Speakers of County Assemblies, and All Clerks of County Assemblies to stop vetting of CEC nominees who have not been cleared by the EACC through the integrity vetting procedure.

Further, the Speaker informed the House that he has submitted the names of nominees to the Commission for clearance.

“I have also written to the respective Universities seeking authenticity of the nominee’s degree certificates’’,  the Speaker said.

Kinengo added that at the close of business Tuesday, 22nd November 2022, his office had not received the above reports from EACC and Universities respectively, thus necessitating the decision to postpone the vetting process until further notice.

The vetting process of the Kitui CECs was slated to be held from Thursday 24th November and Friday 25th November. Missed out on an earlier story on the CEC Nominees? check it out below;

Yatta MP seeks answers from CS Murkomen on Katangi-Matuu and Katangi-Kithimani Roads


Yatta MP Robert Basil Wednesday (23rd November) sought answers from CS Transport Kipchumba Murkomen on the status of roads in the Yatta constituency.

Basil speaking in Parliament asked the Cabinet Secretary to provide the current implementation status for all roads under construction in Yatta Constituency.

“Could the Cabinet Secretary explain delays in the upgrading to bitumen standards of Katangi – Matuu road; Kithimani – Katangi road; and Ndalani – Makuyu road in Yatta Constituency considering their importance in enhancing the economic potential of the region,” Basil said.

The matter was handed to the Departmental committee of Transport and Infrastructure.

The Katangi-Matuu road and Katangi -Kithimani roads are some of the important link roads in the constituency that are in a bad condition.