Mutuse takes on Governor Mutula, threatens to lead boycott of taxes


Kibwezi West MP Mwengi Mutuse has told off Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior over what he termed as mistreatment of Kibwezi residents.

Speaking last Weekend, Mutuse said no one has the power to transfer resources and projects meant for his constituency to any other part.

“No one will stop projects in Kibwezi be it a Senator or Governor. Are you getting me? if you want to stop projects go and do it somewhere else. Governor you are making hawkers hold protests and writing letters that projects will not continue unless you are consulted. Is that project being done at your mother’s home? It is being built in Makindu.” a furious Mutuse said.

“We have decided we will build a market in Makindu and that won’t change despite those letters. No one applied to be born in Makindu, Mbooni, or Kilome.” He added.

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The Maendeleo Chap Chap MP also lamented the demotions of some of his constituents working at Makueni County Executive.

“As Kibwezi West MP When Kibwana handed over Power to Mutula our son Musyoka was a chief officer, he (Mutula) assumed power and made him a cleaner in the ward administrator’s office. That is disrespect. Peter’s brother was a director of the ministry of Health and he has now been taken to Kilungu Hospital and demoted from being a director. Dr. Paul Musila was almost sacked because of where he comes from.” Mutuse went on.

“I can’t be a leader whose people are being mistreated. Return Kiliko and Musyoka Kivungi to the positions they were interviewed for by the public service board. Hapana! it is not a crime that we were born in Kibwezi. If this won’t happen I will mobilize my people from Emali to Mtito Andei to boycott paying taxes.” The MP threatened.

Mwala: showdown as Kawaya faces fierce rivals in re-election bid

Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka Musau alias Kawaya, is gearing up for a fiercely contested re-election bid as he aims to secure his fourth term in office. 

The upcoming 2027 elections have drawn several high-profile challengers, signaling a heated battle for the Mwala parliamentary seat. 

These political heavyweights are surely not bringing a knife in this gunfight as they prepare to unseat Kawaya.

Kilei Mutinda, a contractor, promises economic revitalization and job creation. Kilei lost to Kawaya twice in the 2017 and 2022 general elections.

Eng. Dennis Mumo, known by his nickname Tiger, has a reputation for his dynamic approach and strong connection with the youth, which could significantly sway the younger electorate. He is a lecturer at JKUAT and a businessman with interests in construction and entertainment.

Julius Masisya, a seasoned community organizer, has built a strong following with his development projects and grassroots engagement. 

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Thomas Kasoa, a former two-term Member of the county assembly with a robust background in education and public policy, is seen as a candidate of change, appealing to voters eager for new leadership.  He currently serves as the Chair Nairobi City County Public Service Board.

Scholar Peter Kathukya who also ran in the 2022 elections is said to be in the race.

Kawaya, elected on a UDA ticket known for his outspoken nature and dedication to his constituents, is not one to back down easily. His tenure has been marked by significant projects and initiatives aimed at improving infrastructure and social services in Mwala. In 3 elections he has successfully run against the Wiper wave and won with CCU, Chap chap and now UDA.

However, the emergence of strong contenders suggests that his path to re-election might not be smooth.

Political pundits predict that the upcoming election will be one of the most competitive in Mwala’s recent history. With each candidate presenting compelling visions for the future, the electorate faces a critical decision on whether to continue with Kawaya’s leadership or to embrace new perspectives and ideas.

When the campaigns intensify, the focus will undoubtedly be on addressing the key issues that matter most to Mwala’s residents. Geopolitics will also be at play. The incumbent comes from Mbiuni ward, Kasoa and Kathukya also come from the same ward.

The electorate’s choice will shape the constituency’s direction for years to come, making this election a pivotal moment in Mwala’s political landscape.

Machakos Deputy Governor threatens to expose MP Caleb’s Mutua era deals

Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi has threatened to expose Machakos Town MP Caleb Mule’s deals during Mutua’s tenure as Governor.

Speaking after a holy mass and conferment of confirmation sacrament service for Machakos cathedral parish at our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Machakos, Mwangangi claimed that MP Caleb had failed in his work, resulting in attacks on other leaders.

“If he (Caleb) continues to speak, I have his file of the ghost projects he did on my desk and I will tell the people of Machakos these things. Let’s unite and ensure the people of Machakos get services avoiding insults and fights.” Mwangangi said.

“In Machakos Town constituency, we are lagging behind look at the projects Munyaka had done of renovating schools, buying them buses, roads, etc we don’t see anything new currently even an inch or a kilometer of roads.” He added.

Mwangangi asked elected leaders to work without fighting each other to push the development agenda of Machakos and the region.

“As Ukambani leadership and mostly Machakos, let’s put our people first. Machakos was the first capital city in this country. I want to ask leaders to put Machakos first. Regarding roads, we have KENHA and should be discussing to ensure Kyumbi-Machakos road is dualled and Mheshimiwa Munyaka was following it. We have Machakos University and we should be lobbying to get 2 billion to make it like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.” The vocal deputy Governor reiterated.

Last week, Machakos Town MP Caleb Mule had asked Mwangangi to respect elected leaders as he was not elected.

CS Alfred Mutua renews scathing attacks on Kalonzo Musyoka

Cabinet Secretary for Tourism, and Wildlife, Dr. Alfred Mutua launched a scathing attack on Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka saying that his days are over as the Kamba Kingpin.

While addressing residents in Mumoni Ward, Mwingi North Constituency, CS Mutua said that the Kamba Community should be ready to replace Kalonzo since his time has elapsed and he has stopped being helpful to the community.

The former Governor of Machakos likened the Wiper Leader to an old bull that has ceased being productive and thus it should be sold to avoid wiping away a whole generation.

“We have had a bull that tried to give birth to offspring all in vain in our community and when he tried to stand up he has been failing. Do you still want to continue keeping the bull yet it is not productive or do you want to get another productive bull?” CS Mutua asked the crowd.

He also pointed out that good calculative politics are good for the Kamba community to get development from the national government and thus the Kamba community should now focus on who will be their next national leader and ignore Kalonzo who has failed in getting the community to the government.

“It’s now time for another bull to take over, let’s look for another new bull that will be productive for the Kamba Community to continue thriving. If the bull is old and unproductive, no matter how much you love the bull, it will be useless if you don’t replace it,” Mutua added.

Drumming support for the Kenya Kwanza Government, CS Mutua affirmed that the government led by President Ruto is keen to ensure that the Kamba Community benefits from the government compared to the past when the community was left to perish. He urged the Kamba Community to fully back the Kenya Kwanza Government and assured them that they would reap big.

“We want development for our people because someone who is going to construct roads, bring water closer to our people and better healthcare is a development-oriented person whom we should support as a community. When the person brings development to our people we still vote for him again to bring more development and that’s how life is,” he stated.

Kyandu Bright Academy Starts Elimu Tree Movement

In a bid to combat climate change in the world and align with President William Ruto’s directive of planting trees, Grade 7 pupils in Kyandu Bright Academy in Kangundo have planted 200 trees in the initiative dubbed Elimu Tree Movement.

The Grade 7 pupils through the assistance of their Director Timothy Kyandu noted that they took the initiative to plant the trees as a way of preserving the environment as well as combating climate change.

Addressing the pupils during the tree planting exercise Kangundo Subcounty Director of Education Abdi Salat said that it was wise of the school to start the Elimu Tree Movement noting that it would help the learners to be responsible as well as ensure they preserve the environment.

“As a ministry, we have vowed that we shall not be left behind in campaigning for tree planting that is why today have joined these learners to ensure that we plant trees,” said Salat.

“This shows the responsibility that these learners are willing to take because they have to water these trees as well as nurture them for them to be able to grow and yield fruits or even shade during hot weather,” he added.

John Kay Latest ‘Woo Nikwaku’ Captivates amid Scandal Claims

Evangelist John Kay, renowned for his powerful gospel music, has once again showcased his remarkable talent with his latest release, ‘Woo Nikwaku.

 Despite recent scandal claims on social media, the song has already amassed over 70,000 views within hours of its release, proving his unwavering influence in the gospel music scene.

‘Woo Nikwaku,’ inspired by Isaiah 33:1-6, delves deep into the profound theme of reaping what you sow. The song opens with a striking verse: “You will conceive chaff and give birth to straw, your breath is the fire that consumes you. Woe unto you destroyer who have not been destroyed, your day is coming.”

 The evocative lyrics, coupled with a tantalizing tune, convey the inevitability of divine justice thus drawing listeners into a reflective journey on the consequences of their actions.

The accompanying music video features a hint of a traditional setting, beautifully blending cultural elements with modern production quality. The visuals complement the song’s message, creating a rich and immersive experience for viewers.

John Kay is celebrated for his hard-hitting tracks such as ‘Metho Ma Yeova,’ ‘Uvaa Wa Elisha,’ and ‘Syikalo Sya Nguku Na Mbata’ among other hits 

His latest offering continues this tradition, combining compelling messages with stirring melodies that resonate deeply with his audience.

As ‘Woo Nikwaku’ continues to gain traction, it is clear that Evangelist John Kay’s music remains a powerful force, inspiring and challenging listeners to contemplate their spiritual journey.

Speaker Kinengo addresses water shortage in Kitui and Mwingi towns

Kitui County Assembly Speaker, Kevin Kinengo Katisya has addressed the water shortage issue that has been experienced in Kitui County’s major towns.

Speaking during a public engagement forum in Mwingi, Speaker Kinengo assured Kitui residents that the water shortage issue would be sorted out in a week.

Kinengo said that the water shortage was due to unpaid electricity bills by the Kitui Water and Sewerage Company (KITWASCO) and Kiambere-Mwingi Water and Sewerage Company (KIMWASCO) which supplies water in Kitui Municipality and Mwingi Town respectively.

He added that according to the Water Chief Officer, Nathan Vungo, the issue is being addressed and water will be restored in the shortest time possible.

“I talked to the Water Chief Officer, Nathan Vungo, who assured me that they have paid the electricity bills which were to the tune of Ksh. 50 Million and water will be available soon. The bills were paid on Thursday, 9th May 2024, and as you are aware Friday was a holiday thus the payments will be reflected on Monday to sort out the issue. The water may take close to a week before it is pumped to our towns from Masinga,” the Kitui County Assembly Boss stated.

“The Chief Officer told me that the water will be available from 17th May 2024 onwards so that the water problem may be sorted. “The County Government of Kitui serves all the people of Kitui equally that’s why I will support my MCAs to ensure that even if it means they pass a crucial motion guiding on how Kitui residents will get water to their households,” Kinengo added.

There has been a water shortage in Kitui town, Mwingi town, and their environs since March 2024 a thing that has made the Kitui residents plea the County Government to address the issue so that they can get clean water in the towns.

Ni Neema tu! John Kay speaks on his scandal-free life

Revered gospel artist Evangelist John Kay’s journey to fame has been nothing short of inspirational. Starting from humble beginnings, he has grown to become a household name in Ukambani, with a loyal fan base that spans across Kenya.

His songs, ‘Metho ma yeova’ ,’ Uvaa wa Elisha’ among others often characterized by their deep spiritual messages and catchy rhythms, have earned him numerous awards and accolades.

Despite his success, Ev. John Kay remains grounded and committed to his mission of spreading the gospel through music. He believes that his life is a testament to the power of faith and the importance of living a life aligned with God’s principles.

In a recent interview, the singer said that for him to live a scandal-free life he relies on God’s mercy more so in this digital world.

He noted that although the gospel industry has its fair share of challenges his faith keeps him going.


“The book of Matthew says what will trip he who walks in light, many people don’t want to be under authority and fail to remain in Jerusalem. We are created in God’s image and we should be like him. The life we are living now is very surprising you can sleep okay and wake up the next day only to find that you have ‘united’ Kenyans so we cannot claim to be perfect, we only live by God’s mercies,” he said.

He believes that his life is a testament to the power of faith and the importance of living a life aligned with God’s principles. 

“I always remind myself that my talent is a gift from God, and I must use it to honor Him and inspire others,” John Kay added.