Beef between Governor Wavinya and MP Makau re-ignited

Governor Wavinya Ndeti and Mavoko MP Patrick Makau are among the politicians who are relatives. However, the two have always been engaged in an on-and-off beef whose source is still a mystery.

The two could not see eye to eye during the campaigns as they sought the same seat until Makau was convinced to step down for Wavinya.

Just a few months after that the two seem to be involved in another beef if Makau’s recent remarks are something to go by.

According to Makau, he had appointed two people to the land board according to the constitution but Wavinya allegedly replaced them with her people.

The agitated Makau reminded Wavinya how he supported her and hunted for votes on her behalf.

Makau hana shughuli na kazi ya gavana, gavana afanye kazi yake na awachane na MP Mavoko. Juzi nimeappoint watu wa land board ya Mavoko kulingana na Land act na walipoenda Machakos mtu fulani akatoa majina ya watu wangu akaweka watu wake,”Makau said.

Nataka kusema najua sheria an tafadhali wacha kuniweka kidole kwa macho kwa kuwa nitaitoa and i have got nothing to lose, wacha kunichokoza,heshimu Makau anakuheshimu na alikuombea kura door to door kwa hali na mali,” he added.

Governor Wavinya attended a church survive at AIC Kasina in Mlolongo on Sunday but failed to respond to Makau’s accusation. Makau was also not present at the service.

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Dj Nomanoma marries expectant fiancee in exquisite event

Athiani FM presenter Dennis Mutuku alias Dj Noma Noma and his fiancee Irene Mwangangi are the newest couple in town after holding a traditional wedding this weekend.

The exquisite event full of glamour and exhilaration was held at Muthetheni in the Mwala sub-county of Machakos county.

The couple who never fail to gush over each other were dressed in red and exchanged vows after a successful dowry payment exercise.

The two have been together for several years and are expecting their second baby.

The event was attended by who is who in every field you know and from Ukambani and beyond who celebrated the couple.

Dj Nomanoma took to his Facebook page to celebrate his woman with a caption,” he who finds a wife finds a good thing”.

The presenter recently moved from Musyi FM to Athiani FM after resigning.

The presenter hosts an afternoon show dubbed ‘Syukile Mix’ that has proven to listenership.

In a series of photos, the couple shared a sneak peek of how things were at the event.

CS Malonza: Plan to end elephant invasion on course


Tourism and Wildlife CS Penina Malonza has said that her ministry was working with the Treasury to find funds that will ensure Kitui South National Reserve is fenced to prevent the elephants from getting out.

She noted that she would follow up and ensure the menace is sorted calling for tolerance from locals and leaders.

Recently two legislators from Ukambani have been on Tourism Cabinet Secretary Penina Malonza over human-wildlife conflict.

The two, Kitui woman representative Irene Kasalu and Makueni Senator Daniel Maanzo called upon the CS to solve the elephant invasion in Kitui and Makueni counties which has caused a lot of losses.

On matters of politics Malonza noted that the Kamba community needs to support the government to benefit fully from development projects.

She blasted leaders fighting the three percent house levy stating that they are not interested in the country’s development.

“Let me tell you my fellow Kambas we can’t stay out of the government again and lack development. We have to work with the government for the betterment of our people,” said Malonza.

“I am ready for a salary cut for the sake of development those leaders inciting you to reject the bill don’t want to see development,” she added.

Her sentiments were shared by nominated Senator Tabitha Mutinda who said that the bill will solve poverty in the country.

Kitui South: KWS boss faults locals for making it hard to drive out wild animals


Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Warden Kitui County Jamal Rashid has faulted locals in Kitui south for making it hard to drive out wild animals from the area.

Jamal revealed that human encroachment near South Kitui National Reserve by locals has made the exercise of driving out elephants and other wildlife from Kitui South constituency hard.

Rashid who spoke to a local radio station said due to increased population, locals have blocked the animal’s migratory corridor. With this, the animals migrating from Tsavo can no longer trace their migration route to other parks hence the increased human-wildlife conflict within the area.

“There is increased population. There are shambas everywhere. Initially, when things were good and the population was low, there used to be a migration route which they used to Mwingi National Reserve, Kora National Park to Meru National Park”, he explained.

Rashid added that tracing the animals has since been difficult because they are using other routes as they roam around searching for water and food.

“Right now as they move, they are coming across people, buildings, and farms. If you try to revoke them back, they change routes. This is a phenomenon that personally I can’t change”, Rashid added.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man from Kivuio Mutha Ward is currently nursing injuries at Mutomo level 4 hospital after being attacked by an elephant yesterday. Farmers within the area are counting loss as herds of elephants continue to destroy their shambas for a period of two weeks now.

Kitui Central MP gives conditions for Azimio to support Finance bill


Kitui Central MP Makali Mulu has said that he will vote against the 2023 Finance bill and gave conditions for Azimio to support the controversial bill.

Speaking at St.Charles Lwanga School in Kitui where Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua was also present, Makali said that there are serious issues that need to be looked at in the proposed finance bill which is directly affecting the common mwananchi. Makali told off Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua that overtaxing Kenyans is not the solution for getting development in the country.

“We must say the truth because taxes are money that belongs to the people, I want to request DP Rigathi to tell President the pressing issues in the proposed finance bill. The issue of increasing the Value Added Tax (VAT) from 8 percent to 16 percent (as I talk as an economist and not a politician) should be relooked at and ask ourselves alternative methods we can use,” Makali stated.

Makali added that he is ready to be consulted since he is an economist to give alternative ways of getting money.

On matters of the controversial housing scheme, Makali stated that it is clear that the people don’t want the scheme because it is like a burden to the people thus it should also be re-looked.

“If my colleague Nimrod Mbai will support the bill the way it is, be sure that this is his last term because the people will ‘take him home’. If we want to take care of our people let’s go to a roundtable and scrutinize the 3 percent house levy because every Kenyan needs a house, I also need one but can we make sure that we get it in a way that we don’t harm our people,” the Kitui Central MP added.

Makali told DP Rigathi if those issues will be reviewed there will be a consensus at the National Assembly but if they will ignore the same then the Azimio Team will revolt.

“Some of us will remove our trousers in Parliament if the bill will not be amended, ‘tutatoa suruali’ we will say NO because we must say the truth. I don’t pretend if it will be like this my vote will be a big No but if they will be corrected, I will have no problem,” Makali added.

Rigathi Gachagua replied that he is confident that the bill will pass because Kenya Kwanza controls the majority while the Azimio team are the minority.

Kitui: Daring MP Makali lectures DP Gachagua over ‘shares’ remarks


Kitui Central MP Dr. Makali Mulu lectured Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over ‘shares’ remarks to his face.

Mulu said that even if according to Gachagua the Kambas don’t have shares in the government they are still taxpayers and any decision made affects them too.

He noted that every Kenyan deserves development despite their political alignment because they pay taxes to the government.

“We may not have political shares but if you look at the register you will find Kambas, they pay taxes, at the same time there is no government money, it all belongs to taxpayers,” said the MP.

The legislator asked the DP to talk to President William Ruto and relook at the 16 percent VAT on fuel proposal by finding an alternative for it will burden Kenyans.

The lawmaker also defended the Azimio demos stating that it was not contrary to the constitution. Mulu asked for leaders and Kenyans to give the task force having talks ample time to do their job.

He however noted that if nothing reasonable comes from the talks then Kenyans will be back on the streets.

Mulu is the only Wiper MP from Kitui who attended a fundraising ceremony at St. Charles Lwanga High School in Kitui where Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua was the Chief Guest.

Other leaders present include Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu, and Tourism Cabinet Secretary Penina Malonza among others.

In response, Rigathi defended taxation saying the money was required for development. On the Finance bill, he told off Azimio that they have no numbers to block its passing. Read more –

Wakamba mlitupa kura msituni! DP Gachagua fierce speech in Kitui


Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has told the Kamba community that they threw their votes in the thicket by voting for the Azimio coalition in the 2022 polls.

While speaking at St. Charles Lwanga high school Gachagua said that the government was however ready to reconcile with the Kamba community and would not show any discrimination.

“We will not discriminate although most of you threw your votes into the forest. Making a mistake isn’t wrong, repeating the mistake is the problem. I will come here, again and again looking to form a friendship with you,” said the DP.

He noted that the Finance bill will pass in Parliament because the Kenya Kwanza coalition has the most lawmakers.

Accorfing to him the Finance bill will enable the government to get enough money to do development.

“Makali Mulu I want to tell you that the Finance bill will pass even if you will vote it down because we have enough lawmakers,” he added.

He spoke this after Kitui Central Member of Parliament Makali Mulu asked for the government to reconsider the 16 percent VAT proposal on Fuel in the Finance bill as it was burdening.

Gachagua also commended Tourism Cabinet Secretary Penina Malonza stating that she was discharging her duties diligently even though many saw her unfit for the position.

Speaker Mbilu calls out KWS over increased human-wildlife conflict in Kibwezi

Makueni County Assembly Speaker Douglas Mbilu has called out Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) for the escalated human-wildlife conflict in major parts of Kibwezi.

Mbilu who spoke at Masongaleni Ward said that for a long time, elephants have been a threat to the people living within the area, urging that it’s high time the sector puts better measures to address the problem.

“When a resident is caught fetching firewood near the park is arrested and arraigned in court, but when an elephant crosses all the way from Mtito to Masongaleni and kills a resident its not a big deal? Why can’t you simply drive the animal back to the park? “, Mbilu said.

Mbilu says that the locals are not benefiting much from tourism, claiming that it has even become hard for the victims seeking compensation. He reiterated that KWS should quickly mitigate the elephant menace before locals are forced to deal with it.

“The elephants should quickly be driven out within a minimum of two days. I think there are enough helicopters to escort them lest locals find other ways to deal with them”, he added.

Two days ago, a man from Masongaleni Ward was killed by an elephant. To help curb the challenge, the Governor said he will ensure the elephant electric exclusion fence bordering the park is completed.

Human-wildlife conflict has recently increased due to the ongoing scarcity of water, which has led animals such as elephants to roam searching for pasture and water.

Kasalu to CS Malonza: We saved you in Parliament, save our people from human-wildlife conflict

Kitui Women Representative Irene Kasalu issued a warning to Tourism Cabinet Secretary Penina Malonza to end the conflict between Kitui residents and wildlife especially those living near Tsavo East game park.

While addressing Kitui South residents at Mutha market during the launch of her Huduma Mashinani initiative on Friday (2nd June 2023), Kasalu stated that together with other Wiper Legislators they defended CS Malonza from being rejected in Parliament so that she can save the people of Ukambani from wildlife conflicts which have been happening since independence.

“When you voted for me as your Woman Representative we were competing with your daughter called Penina Malonza and you know that. When I played my cards well, I won the seat and I’m lucky that she was nominated as a Cabinet Secretary for Wildlife. When there were problems in Parliament when they wanted to quash her name I defended her. I took a motion in parliament saying that she must be appointed as the CS for Tourism without looking at our political affiliation since I hoped she will help our people,” Kasalu stated.

Kasalu said that they had hopes that since she comes from Kitui South constituency an area frequented by the wild animals who destroy residents’ farms and other kill their livestock and even people. They hoped that she would do away with the problem within a short period. However, according to the Kitui MP, CS Malonza has continued to ignore her people who are being troubled by wild animals like elephants, buffalos, hyenas, and even lions.

“I know CS Malonza knows that the people of Mutha are being killed by the wildlife while she is the one holding the wildlife docket, I want to tell her that we are giving her an ultimatum of less than one week to solve the problem. We don’t want our people to continue being troubled by elephants yet she is in control,” Kitui MP added.

She also called upon CS Malonza to ensure that those whose crops were destroyed by jumbos and other wild animals were compensated because they were staring at hunger. Yet, they had planted crops from the short rains experienced.

“Our people should be compensated immediately because the reports are with the government officials, we can’t continue being troubled by elephants the same way the camel herders troubled us. If they won’t chase away the wildlife from our farms, we know what we will do,” Kasalu furiously said.

Irene Kasalu’s sentiments come a day after Makueni Senator, Dan Maanzo, called on Cabinet Secretary Peninah Malonza to resign for failing to drive away elephants that have been troubling the residents of Kibwezi in Makueni County.

Machakos MP Caleb Mule shouted down for supporting 2023 Finance Bill

Machakos Township MP Caleb Mule had a rough time during the 60th Madaraka Day Celebrations at Katheka Kai.

The MP was explaining how people will benefit from the housing fund in the 2023 finance bill. Drumming support for the housing scheme.

“Those who are on payroll are the only people who will be deducted the 3 percent housing levy. If you’re a teacher you will be deducted around Ksh.700 or 800 per month and the government will top up the same amount to you,” the Machakos Township MP explained.

The residents who were uneasy with him seemed to defy what they were being told but he added that the money will be saved and can be withdrawn later.

“You must pay taxes, the money that will be saved in the housing fund which will create job opportunities for our young people who move to towns in search of jobs. Instead of paying rent for ten or 15 years to the Landlord, you will get an opportunity to own your own house, you apply and be given a house and pay like Ksh. 15,000 and be given the house,” MP Mule stated while the crowd was still shouting him down and not listening to his persuasion.

When he wanted to add another point concerning the proposed Finance Bill, some of the people were heard shouting at him to sit down.

“When the president was here you heard him saying that I requested about 2,000 units because the advantage of the housing scheme is that you can get a house in a strategic place since most of the government land is located in prime areas, especially near the town or city center. It will also create employment since materials like doors, and windows will be bought locally from our young people who make them and money will come back to our people,” he added.

The crowd got wild such that he couldn’t continue with his speech. Mule was elected on a Maendeleo Chap chap ticket and associates himself with Kenya Kwanza.

Sonko seeks justice for Masinga woman allegedly assaulted by police officer


Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is seeking justice for a woman from Masinga allegedly assaulted by a police officer.

On his Twitter account, Sonko addressed the OCS Kaewa police station where the incident was reported by the victim, Lucy Nduku.

Sonko said that the pregnant woman was assaulted by an officer identified only as Martin while her three-year-old daughter watched.

According to a report seen the incident happened on 29th May 2023 and was reported under OB number 06/29/5/2023.

Sonko said despite the incident being reported the suspect has never been arrested and the woman is being threatened to withdraw the case and get paid.

“The matter is already reported at your station to vide OB no.06/29/5/2023 and the woman was issued with a P3 form which has duly been filled by a Government doctor but since the suspect is untouchable and well connected no police action has been taken by your station against him instead the woman is being threatened and forced to withdraw the case and get paid, “read his post.

Imeniuma sana coz we are also husbands and fathers we have wives, sisters, and children sitaki fitina ya kuharibia mtu kazi but what the woman wants is justice and not money,” it read further.

He called upon the OCS to take action and ensure the suspect is arrested and charged.

According to pictures posted the woman sustained serious injuries on her head, thighs, and back.

The OB number issued to the woman at Kaewa police station (source- courtesy)

Maanzo asks CS Peninah Malonza to resign


Makueni Senator Daniel Maanzo wants Cabinet Secretary for Tourism Peninah Malonza to relinquish her seat for failing to solve the human-wildlife conflict in Kibwezi, Makueni county.

Maanzo said that locals in Kibwezi have been suffering due to the invasion by elephants without receiving any help.

The Vocal Senator also threatened to sue the CS and the Kenya Wildlife Services Director over the rising cases of wild animal invasion.

Kama kazi imekushinda, jiuzulu maana mtu wa kwanza nitashtaki atakuwa Penina Malonza, kuna wakamba wengi wanaweza kuwa waziri wa utalii,” said Maanzo.

Maanzo asked KWS to put chips on the elephants to know when one of them goes astray from the parks.

“They are not many elephants it will be easy to chip them and know when one has strayed away, aren’t we in the digital era ?” asked Maanzo.

Maanzo’s sentiments come just a few days after a middle-aged man was killed by an elephant that had invaded his home in Ing’ola village.

Locals raised concerns over the marauding elephants that have been troubling them for years without any permanent solution.

Kasolo heartbroken after woman claiming to have dead foetus conned him

Gospel singer Stephen Kasolo could not believe his eyes after realizing a woman who he helped was faking her problems.

Kasolo had met the woman identified as Eunice from Wote in Makueni County who claimed to have a dead fetus in her womb.

The singer had traveled from Nairobi accompanied by a friend to Makueni to meet the woman who poured her sorrows to him.

She narrated that her husband left her and accused her of trying to abort their child. According to her, she needed 8,000 to have the dead fetus removed from her tummy.

Apparently, the doctor had told her the dead baby should be removed by the 20th of June.

The story touched Kasolo who gave some cash and gave out her number to fans to support her for she had explained she didn’t have a place to stay or work.

“When you get the number just support her don’t call to ask more questions, the money will help the lady after the procedure to heal and get back on her feet,” he said before praying for the woman.

Later Kasolo disclosed to his fans that the lady had faked the story and he actually lost his money while attempting to help someone in need.

Guys Dunia imeisha Kama Hii story yote ilikuwa ya uongo eti niko na Mtoto kwa Tumbo na amekufia hapo how now? Hadi nikatoa pesa nikampa aende hospitali ooo God noo.. from Nairobi to Makueni ni mbali sana am heartbroken,” Kasolo wrote on his Facebook page.

Machakos: Ambulance ferrying oxygen cylinders bursts into flames


Police in Athi River have launched investigations after an Ambulance burst into flames along Machakos -Kyumbi Road in Mavoko sub-county.

Confirming the incident Athi -River Subcounty Police Commander Mary Njoki said that the Ambulance was ferrying oxygen cylinders from Nairobi to Machakos.

She revealed that the ambulance belongs to Machakos level 5 hospital and the driver escaped with injuries and was rushed to hospital.

“It was a Machakos Level 5 hospital ambulance that was ferrying 13 oxygen cylinders from Nairobi towards Machakos when it burst into flames,” said Njoki.

“The officer on duty rushed to the scene together with other police officers and found that the driver of the ambulance was alive but with injuries. Police have launched investigations to determine the cause of the fire,” she added.

Fire brigade from Machakos visited the scene and put out the fire.

Why Franco Kisasi doesn’t perform in clubs

Kisasi Boys Band leader Francis Kitonyo has revealed that, unlike other Benga artists, he stopped performing in clubs.

In a recent interview, the singer known for his slogan ‘Kitunguu ni Mukaangile’ disclosed that many artists have spoiled the singing business by asking for small money to perform in clubs.

He disclosed that recently three clubs got in touch with him wanting him to perform but he turned them down because of the payment they were offering.

Even when called to perform he observed that he cannot perform for over two hours despite good payment as that would degrade his brand.

“The offer they were giving me was very little, some artists have spoiled the market for us that is why it is very rare to find me performing in clubs,” he said.

The ‘Stella’ hitmaker said he has ventured into various businesses that are keeping him afloat.

According to him a lot of musicians are solely depending on music for income this settling for less or going under when things don’t work out.

“That is why some end up begging from their fans when things go wrong or choose to sing trash about other musicians to remain relevant,” he noted.

The singer is known for playing the guitar with his teeth something that no other Benga musician has been able to do.

A fire incident in his house in December last year left him counting losses but he explained he is stable now.

Zipporah Eric elated after Radio queen Irene Wavinya praised her

Gospel singer Zipporah Eric could not hold her tears after radio queen Irene Wavinya Mwiitu wa Muthiani praised her.

The two had attended Kithembeo Crusade in Mutituni, Machakos and when Wavinya rose to speak she poured compliments on the ‘Katambanga’ hitmaker.

Wavinya noted that Zipporah is hardworking and would go far in her music but warned her against diverting from the course.

She then let the singer on stage to entertain the anxiously waiting crowd that had attended the Kithembeo service.

“God has brought this word to me let me say it, this woman is hardworking, let me hear some noise for her, and if God raises you don’t worship me but your God because you are going far,” she said as the crowd applauded.

The excited Zipporah posted the video on her TikTok page appreciating Wavinya for the testimony terming it as unexpected.

“Thanks, Irene Wavinya for giving a testimony on my behalf, it was unexpected I am very much humbled, God can send people to speak on your behalf, ” Zipporah said.

DG Mwangangi: I almost resigned after elections

Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi has said that after the General elections, there was a time he almost gave up on his position.

Speaking in Tala, Mwangangi said that he was used to National Government and when it came to the County level he found things a bit different.

However, the outspoken Deputy County boss did not delve deeply into the issue but promised things were going on well.

“I won’t lie to you there was a time I was almost running away. I was used to matters at the National level and when I came to the county things were totally different. That was then now I’m doing good and catching up,” he said.

The former Yatta Member of Parliament had attended a groundbreaking ceremony for the priests’ house at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Tala, Matungulu sub-county of Machakos county.

He noted that there is no room to take the County backward but rather work together with the Governor in propelling the County forward.

“I would not want us to go back but work together and move forward as a County for the betterment of our people. We will ensure the issues affecting our people are looked into more so roads, affordable healthcare, water among other things,” said Mwangangi.

Former Kivaa Ward MCA charged with Assault

Former Kivaa Ward MCA Justus Kiteng’u popularly known as Morreh was arraigned in court to face assault charges. He allegedly beat a lady at a bar in Saika, Nairobi County.

Kiteng’u was arraigned in Makadara Law Courts where it is alleged that on May 19, 2023, he assaulted and injured Joyce Kioko.

It is said that on that particular day, Ms. Kioko was hanging out with her friends in the said club after a meeting when Mr. Kiteng’u who is well-known to her came in and started insulting her.

He later woke up and went to their table and slapped and kicked her, causing her injuries, which resulted in her being rushed to a clinic in the area and later reporting at Obama Police Station.

According to the charge sheet seen by Mauvoo News, Kiteng’u denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Hellen Okwani who released him on a cash bail of 10,000.

The case has been scheduled for a mention on August 7, 2023, and the hearing commences on November 3, 2023.

The charge sheet;

Meet Nicholas Kimulu, brains behind Kamba Mbathi and Mbivilia Smartphone Applications

The Mbathi and Mbivilia Smartphone applications have for the last few years revolutionized worship in churches in the Lower Eastern region and Beyond. You now no longer need to carry the physical Kamba Hymn book, Kamba Bible, or the English Bible thanks to the Applications by Brother Nicholas Kimulu from Makueni.

Nicholas Kimulu is the lead software developer at Smartbs Software Solutions. In 2017 March, he designed the Mbathi Sya Kumutaia Ngai Application. He had always wanted to have the app, but no one had done it. One day when seated in his office, a phrase from one of the songs rang in the back of his mind. He realized he didn’t know the next part, so he couldn’t even sing!

From that point, he purposed to develop the application. He had to pay someone to type the songs and he developed the app from scratch in 7 months’ time. The App is now an integral part of worship for many believers who understand the Kamba language.

To be Featured on Mauvoo News or to Advertise with us, reach out on 0737733010

The idea for the Kamba bible app came to him in 2011 when he saw that many young people were unable to read and write in Kamba, he became concerned that the Kamba bible was gradually being left out to the elderly and abandoned by the young generation threatening its existence.

“I started developing the app in 2011 but abandoned it due to limited resources, hoping someone else would take up the mantle. However, when no one had done so by 2017, I decided to take on the challenge again, determined to make the app a success. I lost my job in 2018 but used my newfound free time to work on the app, completing the first working version in early 2019.” Nicholas in an exclusive interview with Mauvoo News said.

Although the app faced challenges in terms of limited resources and a vulnerable audience that was largely uninformed about technology, he persisted with the project. He realized that there were not many users of the app in 2020 because most people could not read Kikamba.

Nicholas has begun working on an audio version. While he is yet to complete the audio version due to some challenges with preparing and working on audio content, he intends to finish it within the next two to three months.

“Maintaining and developing a system like the Mbivilia app requires a significant amount of time and concentration. As the app is not developed for profit, I have to find a job to support myself and work on the app in my free time. Furthermore, there are always complex demands from users, such as requests to modify or redesign sections or introduce new features, which can be challenging to fulfill with limited resources.” Nicholas added.

Other challenges he faces include lost email addresses and passwords, and complaints from users about charges.

“The latter is due to a lack of understanding of the cost of accessing data stored on the internet, such as audio files or personal notes, which attracts bandwidth charges that increase with the number of active users. I believe that educating the community about cybersecurity is essential to ensure that vulnerable users are protected. Moving forward, I plan to add more powerful features to the Mbivilia app, such as Greek and Hebrew lexicon, commentaries, and a cast-to-TV feature for home Bible study. While the journey has not been without its difficulties, I am committed to making Mbivilia a success and preserving the Kikamba language’s written form for future generations.” He revealed.

Those seeking to support Nicholas or partner can reach him on 0723067679 (Call, SMS, telegram, or Whatsapp) or email:

Machakos Deputy Governor to lead demos if 2023 Finance Bill is Passed

Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi has threatened that if Parliament passes the Finance Bill 2023 he will be the first one to lead demos against it.

Speaking during a church service at Precious Blood Catholic Church in Tala, Mwangangi said he would not support the bill as it is outrageous.

“If you pass this Bill I will be on the forefront to hold demos, you cannot tax everything. Kenyans are feeling the heat we are highly taxed,” said Mwangangi.

“We voted for you Members of Parliament. If you want to go at night to get money so that you can pass the bill do so but we as Kenyans we will not allow you to pass it,” he added.

His words were echoed by Matungulu MP Stephen Mutinda Mule noting that he would be at the forefront to oppose the finance bill 2023.

“This thing we call Finance Bill I will oppose it like a madman. The good thing is that we told Kenyans that if you elect Kenya Kwanza they will make us suffer,” said Mule.

“They have even taxed our women for beautifying themselves as we speak now ladies those eyelashes, nails you put you shall be taxed 5 percent,” he added.