Hold your horses, Museo tells supporters endorsing her for Makueni Governorship in 2022

Makueni women representative Rose Museo at a past event. (Credit - Courtesy)

Makueni Women Representative Rose Museo has come out to say that she has not declared her interest in the County Gubernatorial seat in 2022.

Museo who spoke on Saturday said that it is time to work for the electorate and not burdening them with 2022 political bids. She told them that when the time is right, she will speak about her political ambitions.

“I haven’t decided yet but if the time comes I will go for the top seat. For now leaders should focus on delivering their promises instead of burdening people 2022 politics, ” she said.

The outspoken women representative trashed claims that she will deputise any candidate in the gubernatorial race. She cited that if she decides to vie again, it shall be for the Governor’s position.

“In a race everyone aims to emerge top no matter what. So any claims that I will deputise anyone are just baseless words that should not be treated as propaganda ,”she added.

She said that before seeking to pursue other seats she will first consult the electorate. “Power belongs to the people and before I even think of vying I will first consult my people.”

A section of Former Makueni MCAs have been pushing her to vie for governorship in 2022.

Led by Makueni wiper party chairman Francis Mutuku and the party’s organising secretary Jackson Ngovi. These two leaders have taken advantage of the rift between Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka and Governor Kivutha Kibwana.

If Museo decides to run for Makueni Governor in 2022 she will will compete with various candidates who have interest in the seat. They include Deputy governor Adelina Mwau, Senator Mutula Kilonzo junior, Kibwezi legislator Patrick Musimba among other candidates.

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