The golden chance that wiper missed by declaring support for Jubilee


On Saturday, the Wiper party National Executive Council and Parliamentary Group had a meeting at the party headquarters. The meeting Resolved that the party will support and work with president Uhuru Kenyatta and the handshake and directed their MPS to tow that line as well. But according to me, wiper fore gore a big chance to fill the Watch dog gap that would propel the party to another level.

The biggest challenge since the March 9th handshake is that the opposition has been practically dead. This has left an important role of the watch dog with no key player and Kenyans now believe they are on their own. Since then we have scandals which have only been brought to light by the media such as NYS 2, Ruaraka Land scandal, Kenya power, Kenya Pipeline and the Sugar menace.

According to me if Wiper would commit to be the watchdog and defend the people every time then that would a good chance to grow the party and improve the perception of the people. If the party could get information on scandals and be the whistle blowers just like Raila did in the first term of Jubilee and that helped his popularity as well as exposing the Jubilee government.

But will wiper and Kalonzo be ready for the watch dog role? Will they have courage to stand and name those behind scandals, would they have energy to call for resignation of Henry Rotich and Aden Mohammed over the contaminated sugar, will they have courage to call for sacking of Balala over the death of ten Rhinos? Can they call for fair treatment of workers at the SGR and an end to racial discrimination?

Those are some of the issues affecting Mwananchi at the moment and riding on them doing press conferences and calling for action would resonate with the people and help grow the party. But that seems a difficult option for a party that wants to be nice and calm. That’s probably the reason they have decided to join Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta. Well that means the party literally gets ‘swallowed’ in the handshake and they miss the opportunity to be the watchdog. Another wrong move by the Party!

If wiper was to at last endorse Uhuru Kenyatta then they should have done that before 2017 elections and they would have a few Cabinet secretaries and other positions. But according to me doing this now is more of desperation and lack of clear strategy in the party.

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