Channel BBI funds to coronavirus – Archbishop Ndambuki

ABC ArchBishop Timothy Ndambuki speaks to the press after a regional meeting. Ndambuki asked the Government to halt BBI rallies and channel funds to coronavirus prevention. (Photo credit - Austine/Mauvoo)

African Brotherhood Church (ABC) Archbishop right Rev. Timothy Ndambuki has urged the government to take the right precautions on the world pronounced disaster coronavirus.

According to Ndambuki, the Government should stop the ongoing BBI rallies and channel funds to fight the coronavirus.

While addressing the media after a regional meeting for the church, Ndambuki said that it is a pity to see flights come into our Country from China yet all other countries have stopped them.

“Kenya is appearing as if we are at the hostage of the Chinese and that’s why they are acting with arrogance to the nation, we are in support of the Muslims that we might be forced to get to the streets to make the Government understand the nation’s plight on the killer virus”, Ndambuki said.

He added that the nation is at high risk.” We have seen departments try to handle the locust menace in vain and now we are facing the coronavirus which seems to be an international disaster.

It is a pity to see more Chinese citizens still fly into Kenya yet the virus is at large, the government must ensure full security for its citizens”, He advised.

The ABC Archbishop noted that doctors are keeping a distance from the said virus and so Kenyans should not be exposed to the same yet we have no measures in place.

Ndambuki’s remarks come after a huge public outcry after the Government cleared 239 Chinese passengers who arrived in the country this week and asked them to self-quarantine for 14 days.

The high court on Friday banned flights from China for 10 days and asked that the 239 passengers be quarantined at a KDF facility until the end of 14 days. The law society of Kenya had filed a case after the public outcry.

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