Grief as couple killed by their 70-year-old son in Makueni is laid to rest

Caskets bearing the remains of a couple that was killed by their son in Mukaa. (Photo -Courtesy)

Grief and sorrow engulfed Eka village in Mukaa sub-county of Makueni county as an elderly couple killed by their son a week ago were being laid to rest.

Ndivo Ndolo aged 101 and his wife Mbeneka Ndivo aged 96 were hacked to death by their 70 years after a land tussle. Different mourners who spoke could not hide their tears following the gruesome murder calling for justice to the elderly couple.

The suspect is said to have attacked his father while in the kitchen cutting him on the head with a panga before turning on his frail mother who attempted to escape.

The gruesome killing is said to have been brewed by a scuffle over a 30-acre piece of land.

Apparently the suspect was against the idea of their father selling the land and dividing the money among the children including his sisters. His family revealed that he had threatened he was going to kill someone.

After killing his parents he attempted to kill himself by stabbing himself severely on the neck and stomach but neighbors were fast to rescue him.

He was rushed to the hospital for treatment and later referred to Machakos level five hospital.

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