Governors not to blame for ailing Health Sector – Maanzo

Makueni Senator Daniel Maanzo says that the ailing health sector should not be blamed on Governors but on the National Government.

Maanzo says the National Government has always been slow to release funds to the counties.

Speaking in Nairobi, Maanzo noted that delay in funds disbursement has caused delayed salaries to health workers and affected the procurement of hospital supplies by the counties.

The senator observed that although residents in the grassroots enjoy development from Devolved Governments, the services in the health sector are yet to be streamlined.

“If only the National Government can release funds early so that the locals can enjoy improved health services. There are services like scans where locals are forced to seek in private hospitals, all these should be available in a public hospital but they are not,” Maanzo said.

On Thursday, the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist union and other civil societies announced a push for the health sector to be reverted to the National Government.

They announced that they will embark on a campaign to collect 7 million signatures to amend the Constitution for the establishment of a Health Services Commission that will help in addressing issues affecting public health.

Some of the issues needing to be addressed include delayed salaries for health workers, and securing equipment and drugs for hospitals.

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