Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr holds talks with Moroccan Ambassador

Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr led a delegation of the County Executive in a meeting with the Moroccan Ambassador to Kenya, H.E. Abderrazazak Laassel. The focus of the consultative session was to explore collaborative opportunities in various sectors.

Discussions touched on key areas, like Imaging and Laboratory Services within the Health Department, Climate Change Adaptation, Urbanization, Natural resource mapping, and mitigation strategies under the Lands Department.

The meeting addressed studies of water projects in the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP), paving the way for potential donor funding.

The dialogue extends key aspects like leveraging Renewable Energy sources to power healthcare facilities.

Emphasis was placed on achieving power stability, reducing operating costs, and incorporating sustainable energy solutions in water sources, distribution systems, and irrigation processes.

Agricultural sustainability took center stage, spotlighting green energy as a catalyst for post-harvest practices. The discussion explored the utilization of solar-powered cold rooms to enhance the shelf life of agricultural produce.

The session highlighted the importance of community and user capacity building in renewable energy.

The aim is to create awareness and understanding of emerging technologies in the sector of sustainable development.

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