Governor Mutula cracks whip on Rogue Revenue officers

Makueni governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior has sounded a warning to rogue revenue collection officers who have been pocketing the revenue they collected.

Speaking during a familiarization meeting in Wote with County administrators, Mutula urged them to tame the rogue officers and curb the crime.

He warned that he will intervene if no action is taken against such a crop of officers.


“The revenue officers in this county have become cartels, and all of you know that they have been pocketing revenue. I know yet I am situated here. I had a meeting yesterday with traders at Marikiti and I was shocked,” said Mutula.

“How can people operate like that when we have the government? It’s just not possible. The revenue officers must work under you and anyone not as working under you, upon your powers start the disciplinary process because the power is delegated to you so if you are not exercising you are abusing your power,” he added.

He also called for workers who discharge their duties well to be commended in a bit to motivate them.

“Similarly the fact that you are proud not to have a cautionary letter I’m wondering if you have a letter of good service. It works the same. Anyone who has performed well should have a commendation letter in their file. Let’s not just write to discipline people,”he noted.

According to the Controller of Budget, In the first nine months of 2021/22 Financial Year, the County generated a total of 476.6 million as own-source revenue, which was 43.7 percent of the annual target. This amount represented an increase of 20.1 percent compared to
396.7 million realized during a similar period in FY 2020/21.

The controller lauded the county for consistent and improved performance in revenue collection may attributing that to the implementation
of the automated OSR collection system called the Zizi County Revenue Collection System. With the new Governor putting in place more strict measures, the county is targeting to even further increase their revenues.

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