Governor Malombe responds to Ngilu’s return to Kitui politics

Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe has responded to Charity Ngilu’s recent remarks about returning to the Kitui political scene.

Governor Malombe rubbished Ngilu’s claims saying that during her tenure she took Kitui behind and should not even think of her re-election.

Malombe also hinted that there is a constitutional lacuna on whether he should vie again for a third term after Governor Ngilu halted his consecutive two terms.

“People are also telling me that I should now start my second term until 2032 to ensure that the CHVs are not fired again like during the last regime. When we left they were fired, the salary of some of the ECDE Teachers stopped, and also the suppliers were not paid on time but now that I’m back everything is going well,” Malombe stated.

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Governor Malombe also claimed that some of the contractors who were not paid got sick and others even died due to oppression by the punitive regime. He asked the residents whether they were ready to get back to the oppressive regime that didn’t care for the people who elected them.

“Do you want us to go back to where they left? I have heard some of them are now back saying that they want to make a political comeback, ‘nataka mkiwaona muwaulize wanasema watarudi wapi‘. Let them get it clear that they won’t come back here in Kitui and mess up our county again,” Malombe reiterated.

Governor Malombe said that he won’t accept seeing the county being messed up by the same people who left it in a mess. “We are just reclaiming and resurrecting our county which was already dead, so we won’t accept anyone to come and mess it up. I call upon all the Kitui residents to support me in reclaiming the lost glory of our county,” Malombe added.

Governor Malombe has been consistent in saying that there is an active court case that may allow Governors who served their first term, later lost the 2017 elections, and later got elected again in 2022 to allow them to serve another term from 2027 to make it two consecutive terms.

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