Government reigns in on cartels at Machakos lands registry after public outcry

CAS for Lands and Physical Planning Alex Mburi arriving at Machakos lands registry Friday. (Photo -Courtesy)

After public outcry on services at Machakos lands registry, CAS Lands and Physical Planning Alex Mburi visited the registry Friday to establish the status.

Speaking to the media outside Machakos lands registry, residents complained of different issues concerning the registry management, whereby some pointed that reforms in the sector should be directly focused on doing away with cartels and the long time it takes to get services.

Most of the residents told Mauvoo News that they are tired of the tedious process that they are forced to follow by the registry management.

“I come here from very far, I spent money on transport but when you come here you get shocked at how the management is working. A process that should take only 3 days it takes even a month.”A frustrated resident said.

One of the locals told the CAS that a certain document was signed because he was present revealing that it had taken a month to get it signed.

CAS Alex Mburi asked the registry management to work honestly and stop punishing innocent residents for no good reason.

“I have seen several challenges here. When it begins to rain, you will be rained on. We will check on that. Secondly, we have complains that documents are taking too long and as a ministry, we have a charter. A search should take 3 days, here I’m told it takes a year.” CAS Alex Mburi said.

Mburi cautioned brokers working from the office, pointing that the office is public and no broker should even be seen around the compound.

“If you get good services cartels won’t be here… I don’t want to find any broker here and on top of this, let all those working here have with them identification cards. This will make it easier to do away with brokers.” He added.

The CAS revealed that after digitization of Nairobi registry, they will be proceeding to Kajiado and Machakos.

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