Gen Z Advised on how they Can Seize the Moment for Political Change

Former Nairobi Gubernatorial aspirant Denise Kodhe has called on the younger generation to capitalize on the current political climate to enact meaningful change in Kenya’s voting patterns.

Kodhe, who also serves as the Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party highlighted the failures of past electoral decisions driven by tribal loyalties and monetary influence.

Speaking to Mauvoo news, Kodhe reflected on his own experience running for Nairobi governor in the last elections, lamenting the public’s susceptibility to financial inducements.

“I explained what I wanted to do. I wanted to be the servant of the people, but the people were not ready to listen because they were easily bought,” he stated.

Kodhe attributed the ongoing demonstrations nationwide to the consequences of poor leadership. He urged the youth to view the current turmoil as a critical lesson.

“The youth demonstrating in cities all over the country is a result of what leadership. I urge the youth to see this as a lesson and to ensure that before we go for the elections in 2027, they take voter’s cards so they can vote the right people,” he added.

Emphasizing the demographic power of young voters, Kodhe pointed out that they constitute the majority of the electorate. He stressed the importance of registering to vote and carrying proper identification.

“The youth at the majority in this country are over voting age. They need to take the ID card and the voter’s card. They need to have their IDs. Register now so that when the election comes, they should be able to decide the right person to elect for positions of leadership, including the presidency for this country,” He advised.

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