From shopkeeper to Kitonga Garden Resort Owner – The story of David Kitonga

Born and raised in Mbiuni, Machakos County, David Kitonga has risen from being a shopkeeper in the USA to owning a one of its kind hotel, Kitonga Garden Resort.

Kitonga who was born from a humble background is among the few people who have achieved success in Kenya and USA after receiving his USA Green card in 2009.

Speaking in a YouTube Interview with a renowned Journalist, Kitonga revealed that his life started changing when he won a Green Card to fly in the USA. After completing his primary and secondary school education, he trained as a Science teacher where he taught various schools for over 26 years.

“I have taught various schools like Siani Girls Secondary in Narok, and Central Secondary School in Eldoret, and also I have been a senior KNEC examiner marking Biology Paper one. In 2009 when working in Eldoret is when I won the Green Card to USA and decided to start my life afresh thus taking an early retirement to pursue other ventures,” Kitonga revealed.

Kitonga said that he moved to the USA in 2010 and after six months his family joined him there to have a second home.

The former teacher later together with his wife sought employment to help provide for their family, Kitonga said that he landed a shopkeeper job in the USA.

“I worked as a shop attendant, gas station attendant, and also a construction worker where I was introduced to business as I interacted with the Americans. In the US job opportunities are available to those who are ready to work tirelessly without choosing the job. My wife also worked as a nursing aide and after some time, our family began seeing success in our work. Two of my children were now grownups, they were employed and that’s where we purchased a house and an office block. One of them also started his business, what we earned we started investigating it in business,” Kitonga narrated.

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Kitonga later bought 100 acres of land from his cousins in Mbiuni Hill and after consulting his family they decided to build a hotel on the expansive land. They then consulted his son who introduced an architect to them to work on a good design for the hotel while they were still in the US.

“I also involved my son and daughter an electrical engineer and interior designer respectively in the construction of the hotel because of their original approach since I didn’t want to copy anyone’s ideas. It is very motivating to see the final product of the hotel which is amazing and captivating in this kind of locality. I look back and wonder whether all this came from me and my family,” he added.

The official Grand Opening of the Kitonga Garden Resort is on 17th August 2024 with celebrated personalities like Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’, MC Jessy, Professor Hamo, MCA Tricky, Kidum, H-art the Band, Kasolo among others invited to grace the event.

Machakos Governor, Wavinya Ndeti will also be a guest of Honour during the grand opening.

Located in Mbiuni, Mwala Sub-County in Machakos County, the hotel boasts several cottages, restaurants, and has amenities such as zip lining, lazy river and swimming pools, conference halls, board rooms, kids park, and hiking trails.

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