From Benga beats to gospel glory, the music journey of John Kay

Celebrated gospel artist John Kay recently shared his inspiring story of transformation from a Benga artist to a prominent figure in the gospel industry.

In a YouTube interview, John Kay narrated that his journey is marked by trials, faith, and an unwavering passion for music.

The Masinga-born artist noted that his music journey began in 2009 but didn’t begin as a gospel artist.

He narrated that there are times he would do Benga songs with Ndalani boys band leader Vuusya Ungi, Ekalakala boys band in his hometown.

“It was all in trying to find a name for ourselves, we would do music but we had no band at that time. I have a whole album but never recorded, “John Kay disclosed.

His first album came out in 2009 and proceeded to release the video in 2012 because he didn’t have enough money.

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John Kay narrated that he had to resign from work and concentrate on his calling his inspiration came from Peace Mulu, Faith Kithele, and Margaret Mutunga among others.

“The journey has not been easy because I have been chased from studios where I had gone to take my VCDs. It was really hard for me from 2009 to 2012,” he noted.

His breakthrough came when his song ‘Ukusi wakwa’ was pirated and played all over he became famous and started getting radio interviews although cash was not flowing and he had to persevere.

“I made good money after my third album ‘Ninye yeova’ which sold and gave me a good platform in my music career. I had made a deal with God that I would drop singing if nothing changed after the third year, “The singer went on.

“That was in 2016 and since then I have never looked back. My type of music is not like any other most are the times I sing what the heavens say and not what the people want to hear, “John Kay disclosed.

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