From a Toilet Cleaner to Kitui MCA: The inspiring story of Jacinta Mwoni

Jacinta Mary Mwoni is among the 57 Kitui MCAs who took office after the 2022 general elections. Unknown to many, she was once a toilet cleaner in Mwingi Town but had a dream of becoming a leader to serve other people.

Jacinta was among the MCAs nominated by the Wiper Party; thanks to her loyalty to the party where she would volunteer her time after work to join in campaigning for Wiper Leaders. Jacinta comes from Kiomo/Kyethani ward in Mwingi West and served as a toilet cleaner employed as a casual by Mwingi Town Council in Mwingi town before she secured a job at the County Assembly of Kitui as a sergeant at arms.

“I was employed as a casual to wash toilets in Mwingi town and was later given a duty as Mwingi town council askari in August 2012 where I worked there until 2013 when I was promoted and came to Kitui Assembly to work as a sergeant. While at the assembly the duties given to me were not easy because most of the senior members including the MCAs saw me as an ordinary person and despised me but I kept hope alive that perhaps one day I could become one of them,” she narrated.

Jacinta pointed out that she tried being close to the MCAs and she got more interest in politics although she felt despised by them. However, Jacinta said that she didn’t give up as she continued to campaign for Wiper leaders with hopes that they would give her a chance to serve the people in any capacity.

After the 2022 general elections, Wiper Nomination slots were announced, and Charles Nguna his area MP who once saw her potential during one of the campaign rallies encouraged her to apply for a slot. Jacinta added that she wasn’t confident that she could get the position because most of the people who had applied had “big names” and had a lot of money compared to her who was a mere casual worker.

“I have been loyal to the Wiper Party since 2007 when I had no identity card but when I applied for the nomination slot many people didn’t expect me to be nominated. When I found that my name was on the gazetted list I was overjoyed, I thank Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, My area MP Charles Nguna, the new Kitui Assembly Speaker Kevin Kinengo, and the Wiper fraternity who saw it wise to nominate me in the assembly,” she added.

Jacinta pointed out that she will introduce two bills at the assembly which will be critical for the youth and women and hopes that they will sail through for the benefit of the people of Kitui.

“I will introduce a motion for the youth and women because sometimes we women are neglected in our society and will also introduce another one concerning water because water has become a challenge, especially in my ward. I will convince my fellow MCAs to support me to pass the bills and ensure that we get at least a borehole in every village,” Jacinta stated.


She called upon the people who are determined to pursue their dreams not to give up or despise themselves regardless of the problems they are facing. Adding that believing in God and having trust that whatever you are going through is preparing you for better things is one of the goals of becoming successful.

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