Former Machakos councillors endorse Makau’s bid to be Governor in 2022

Mavoko MP speaking to the press after being endorsed by former Machakos councillors to be Governor in 2022. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Former Machakos county councillors Friday (9th October) endorsed Mavoko MP Patrick Makau to be Machakos Governor in 2022. The councillors led by Stanley Mange’li (Former Machakos County Council chairman) said Makau is the one able to lead and develop the county.

“Our meeting was for a purpose and one of those is to find a leader and a Governor for 2022 who can stand with the people of Machakos. We need a Governor who can create a network who can create a development network to the grassroots.” Mange’li said.

“We have agreed to endorse Patrick Makau the Mavoko MP by promoting him to lead Machakos as Governor. We will support him.” He added.

The former councillors praised him for prudent use of resources when he was a mayor saying they were witnesses of the development that was happening on ground then.

“Makau had a budget of 800 million and the councillors had development. Today when you go to the grassroots there is little happening from MCAs. We need a person who can understand the needs of the people at the grassroots. Most of these leaders who want to be Governor just came from the top like Mutua.” The councillors went on.

Speaking after the endorsement Makau said it was time for leaders to unite and take the development agenda to the next level thanking the councillors for the endorsement.

“We need to unite for the sake of peace and development in Kenya. We are talking of roads, hospitals and need to have more resources go the counties.” He said.

Makau is set to face off with Deputy Governor Eng. Francis Maliti, CAS Wavinya Ndeti, Former Machakos senator Johnson Muthama among other candidates in the 2022 Gubernatorial race.

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