Former Kari-Mwailu headteacher predicted Faith Mumo would top in KCPE 3 years ago

Faith Mumo, top candidate in KCPE 2020. (Photo - Courtesy)

Paul Mumo, father to Faith Mumo the best candidate in KCPE 2020 has now revealed that the school’s former headteacher Mr. Mutuse 3 years ago predicted that she would top the country in KCPE.

“We are happy because Faith Mumo did well and topped in the country. We were not sure that she would lead the country though. The former headteacher Mr. Mutuse predicted that during her time she would lead the country. ” Paul Mumo said.

Paul Mumo thanked the teachers for a job well done praising her as a hardworking and very discipline.

Kari-Mwailu Day and Boarding Primary School headteacher Mathew Masaku said that they were optimistic that faith would do well but they never expected her to top the country.

“She used to top in some examinations. Otherwise, before the KCPE examination, faith at times was defeated by other students, making her cry. I told her to work hard and gain courage. I still expected to produce some leading pupils even if not her.” revealed Masaku

Kari-Mwailu had 159 candidates, who sat for the KCPE examination. Faith Mumo said that she wants to become a neurosurgeon and was inspired by boxer Conjestina Achieng. She wants to join the Kenya High School.

At Emmanuel springs academy, joyful moments were experienced for the better part of the evening after the school produced two top pupils nationally.

Lowel Njenga scored 428, Debrah Zawadi 428, and Victor Mwendwa-427 at position 11 and 12 nationally. Emmanuel Springs academy headteacher Patrick Mutua pointed out that they had prepared their candidates properly and they expected such results.

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