Form 4 students at Makueni boys suspended for protesting shaving and stoning principal


Form 4 students from Makueni boys high school, Makueni county have been suspended for two weeks for rioting in the school leaving the school principal Raphael Diwani with injuries.

The form four students went berserk protesting against being ordered to shave their heads and beards.

An attempt by the principal to calm down the over 250 boys saw him get stoned on the head.

The boys noted that they didn’t want to be told when and how to shave their hair. Apparently, the school has been upholding regular shaving since 1966.

Makueni county police commander confirmed that calm had been restored in the school after police officers were deployed.

After a meeting between the school board and the county education bosses, they resolved the school to be closed.

The principal was treated at Makueni level 5 hospital and later discharged.

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