Fear of mass graves in B2 Yatta as decomposing body is discovered

Police officers recovered the decomposing body of a middle-aged man found at B2 Yatta ranch in Kanyonyoo, Kitui Rural sub-county.

The body had been fed on by animals an indication he was killed long ago and his body left there.

According to locals who spoke to the media, there may be more bodies on the farm due to ongoing fights among rival groups in the settlement scheme.

“There groups that have invaded this land which is 390 acres, the groups have been stealing and killing. We have heard of people going missing and others being killed and their bodies hidden,” said a local.

“We fear this could be another Shakahola like that of Mackenzie because we suspect there are more bodies, not just the one discovered,” he added.

They explained that when they have been attacked by the groups which are squatters in the ranch and report the matter to the police no action is taken.

“I recorded a statement once but no action was taken until now, the police don’t follow up on reports made about the groups, there are some who call themselves Mivilani, we have gone to court and won but they have refused to leave our land,” said another local.

The locals called upon the Government to ensure proper investigations are conducted and those found culpable are prosecuted.

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