Ezekiel Mutua seeks to help Rapper Mustafa

Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) boss Dr. Ezekiel Mutua is seeking to help musician Colonel Mustafa who was pictured working at a construction site a few days ago.

On his Facebook page, Mutua urged anyone with the musician’s contacts to share so that he could offer his support.

Mutua commended the troubled singer for his bravery to seek a job rather than begging and wallowing in self-pity, unlike other celebrities who come down crumbling in the face of crisis. 

“Someone please inbox me Mustafa’s number. I have mad love and respect for people who face life head-on and do what a man has got to do to put food on the table. There’s absolutely no shame in taking up a mjengo project to feed yourself and your loved ones. Unlike other celebrities, Mustafa has refused to wallow in self-pity and is not ashamed of his hustle,” Mutua said.

He added that the kinds of Mustafa are the ones that need support because they have a positive attitude and are ready to take on menial activities.

“And by the way, mjengo is not necessarily for failures. It is a job like any other. But it takes courage for a celebrity of the caliber of Mustafa to take to such menial activities with pride. I love the positive attitude. This is the kind to be supported,” said Mutua.

Mustafa is known for his songs ‘Mtaani, ‘Kupe’, and ‘Hey Baby’ among other songs.

The musician trended for the better part of last week after he was seen working at a construction site. He later disclosed that his mother was suffering from cancer and things were not good financially.

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