Ezekiel Mutua now wants his home sub-location renamed from Ngulini

KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua at a past function. (Photo -Courtesy)

KFCB CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua now wants his home sub-location of Ngulini (a place with monkeys) renamed to Kaloleni.

Speaking at the hand over of a new motorbike to the area’s new Assistant Chief Shadrack Mulwa Mutinda at Kaloleni market, Mutua took an issue with the name saying it had a blackmailing motive from the leaders who were thereafter independence.

According to Mutua, the place had a lot of monkeys at the time and it was now a time to change the name.

“The chief and MCA, names have a meaning. Let us change the name to Kaloleni. We are not in Ngulini, do I look like a monkey. How can you come to Nairobi carrying a name like that and you are the CEO and moral cop of the whole country. ” Ezekiel Mutua said.

“At one time we were in Kangundo constituency and Paul Ngei was our MP. He used to campaign and when he comes here because we were near monkeys he would say give your votes to your fellow monkeys.” Mutua went on.

The KFCB CEO who is also a champion of the community policing in Mwala ward was praised by the Mwala/Makutano ward MCA for being involved in the development of the grassroots.

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