Erdemann Mwingi mistreating workers – Environment CECM

Kitui Environment CECM Patrick Musau alias Kuvasila during an inspection tour to Erdemann Gypsum Company. The CECM accused the company of mistreating its workers. (Photo credit - Juline)

Kitui County Environment CECM Patrick Koki Musau alias Kuvasila has accused Erdemann Gypsum Company, Mwingi of mistreating its workers. Kuvasila led a delegation to the factory on an impromptu visit following complaints from the factory workers.

Speaking after a visit to the Erdemann Mwingi factory, the CECM said that the workers were not being given protective gear and it was putting their lives at risk because of the nature of materials used in the production.

Kuvasila further said that the Erdemann company Mwingi has been frequently violating environmental laws by dumping their waste in a nearby dam and thus contaminating the water which is used by residents posing a health risk to them.

“I have heard the cry of workers who work at Erdemann Gypsum Company Mwingi known for manufacturing gypsum at Ngomano area in Mwingi Central. We have done our inspection and found that it’s true the company has been mistreating its workers. We have had talks on how the worker’s plight will be handled since we still want more investors in the county but they too must respect their workers, what has amazed me is that youths from this area have not been employed by the company.” he said.

“We have done have our inspection and found that the company lacks some equipment and we have told them to work on it so that they can preserve the environment without putting the lives of our people at risk, ” he added.

Some of the workers from Erdemann Mwingi who spoke to the media said they lacked basic safety equipment like helmets, reflectors, gumboots and hand gloves despite handling dangerous materials. They however received 300 masks from the County Government.

For the people of Ngomano who the CECM addressed after the visit to Erdemann Gypsum Company, Kuvasila promised to get them an electricity transformer in the next one month and a toilet in the small shopping center.

“We have talked to the Governor who has told me that electricity will soon be in Ngomano and by September we will have put a transformer in the area and also construct a public toilet in the market, ” the CECM promised.

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