Empty wards and waiting areas in Machakos level 5 hospital as nurses strike bites

A photo outside the near empty Machakos Level 5 hospital. (Photo credit - Hillary/Mauvoo)A photo outside the near empty Machakos Level 5 hospital. (Photo credit - Hillary/Mauvoo)

On the 4th day of the nationwide nurses and clinical officers strike, Mauvoo News toured Machakos level 5 to examine the situation. The usually busy hospital is silent, the corridors that are flocked by hundreds each day are isolated and barely one or two patients can be spotted in waiting areas.

The grievances of the medics included; delayed salary payment, lack of risk allowances, delayed promotions, inadequate PPE among other issues.

Speaking to Mauvoo News, some patients had this to say:

“I have been here since early in the morning, seeking medical attention from the doctors, but they don’t pay any attention, I am now forced to look for an alternative solution from a private hospital, though it is much expensive,” one of the patients said on condition of anonymity.

“We are requesting the government to listen to the cry of our doctors, we don’t deserve this situation, we don’t want to experience this in the future,” Another patient said.

The health workers have also kept away the Machakos level 5 and one of them who we talked to on phone said, “We are very sorry to our patients and all. I highly with all due respect request the Government to hear our cry as fast as possible. It is so painful to lose one of the doctors, Dr.Mogusu.”

Doctor Stephen Mogusu, 28-years-old succumbed to Covid-19 earlier in the week and had warned his colleagues to save themselves before it’s too late through a Whatsapp message before he died. His death resulted in much uproar on social media.

A cross-check at Private hospitals in Machakos revealed increased numbers with some now seeing double the patients they normally see.

Attempts to talk to the Machakos Level 5 Hospital Administrator did not bear fruits since they were in a meeting.

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