Kangundo MP raises alarm over increasing deaths from Boda Boda accidents

Kangundo MP Fabian Kyule Muli during the burial of a boda boda rider who was involved in an accident. (Photo credit-Juline/Mauvoo)

Drivers and Boda Boda riders in Kangundo sub-county of Machakos County have been urged to observe safe driving as well as traffic rules as a way of ensuring they don’t get involved in accidents.

Speaking at the burial of one of the Boda Boda riders in Kangundo who was involved in an accident, Kangundo MP Fabian Kyule Muli said that most of the residents have perished through accidents caused by reckless driving as well as not observing traffic rules.

“We know this job is like any other and it has its own challenges and every week we have seen deaths of people who have been involved in accidents due to reckless driving, let’s take care of our own people by ensuring we follow the set rules,” he said.

The legislator went ahead to remind drivers and riders as roads were being constructed in the sub-county, it was not an excuse for them to go speeding because the roads are passable.

“You did not elect me to construct roads for you so that you can be going at the speed of 180kph. You need to observe the rules so that we can have a good living and we be there for our loved ones who are looking upon us ” he said.

The NTSA last year raised a red alert over increasing road fatalities involving pedestrians and Boda Boda operators. There was an overall 6.9 percent increase in road accident deaths, the majority of the casualties being pedestrians, motorcycle riders, and their passengers. 

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